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Breakup & Divorce

Divorce Advice, Breakup Help

Breakup and Divorce Advice - Tips for Moving On When You've Been Dumped


Losing someone you love leaves you with a dull, heavy weight in your chest that often, without warning, explodes into lacerating pain. And many cannot tolerate the agony which is one reason so many rejected lovers keep hoping against hope that their partner will return, even if deep down the know the relationshipwas not a good one.


It’s really common for heartbroken individuals to believe that no one else on earth could possibly fill the gap left by the ex-partner. This is nonsense of course, but grief skews our thinking. So, how can you get over the pain? How can you learn to live again? How can you start viewing your single status as a fresh and fun opportunity instead of a punishment? April will give you the breakup advice you’ve been looking for and tips to help you cope with divorce.


Ready to move on?


April is here to give you the rules to dumping, and learn what to do (and not to do) if you’ve been dumped. She will help you navigate the complicated world of dealing with your ex and give you the rules on ex etiquette.

  • Find out how to know your dating a loser.
  • Learn the signs for when it’s time for you to end a relationship.
  • Find tips on how to inventory for divorce.
  • Get tips on after divorce dating.
  • Get advice on having breakup sex.
  • Find out how to break up marriage.
  • Get advice on when you should give a second chance.
  • Find how to heal after a divorce.
  • Learn how to avoid rebound relationships.
  • Find out how celebrity breakups can help you with your own relationship.
  • Visit April's free relationship advice forum to get personal advice and answers to your questions