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Dating Tips



Ready to discover the secrets to dating success?  April answers your dating and love relationship questions, with frank, honest advice you cannot find anywhere else.  April gives readers the relationshp help they need.  Learn what men want and how to win with women.

Want to know why "nice guys finish last" and why the cocky arrogant guy always gets the date -- and the girl? Well, April has the answer!

Dating Tips

  • Find out the dating rules that are outdated, like: Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free?
  • Pre-marital sex is the norm and it's also a way to find out if there's sexual chemistry before making a life-long commitment.
  • Find dating rules that work, like: Having sex too soon is a mistake -- as is waiting too long.

One night stands and hooking up are not what Mr. Right is looking for, and if you want a serious, committed, long-term relationship that leads to marriage, don't even try to leverage a hook up into romance. Men have sex because they can. You're ready he's willing. Instead, get to know him first, and decide if he's someone you want to date, are compatible with and can see having a relationship with, first. On the other hand, if you wait too long, you'll lose his interest and he may think you're not into sex in general.

Learn the truth about "opposites attract": Yes, there's the meet-cute aspect of opposites attracting. but for the long-term, with all the conflicts and challenges of today's relationships and blended, divorced and mis-matched, mish-mashed families, it's a lot easier to go the distance when like attracts like. Making sure you have enough compatibility between you and no deal breakers to speak of, is a key to a lasting, healthy relationship.

Find out why the internet is a dating tool -- not a venue in which to conduct the entire relationship.

People go online in order to find people that they want to get together with before meeting up rather than actually having an online relationship. This could be anything from meeting someone looking for marriage to meeting someone married who is looking for some fun.

April says, "I hear from so many readers asking me for relationship advice about relationships that they've conducted not only long distance, but entirely online, never having met once. They completely buy into the fantasy, and then start to suspect "cheating". I have to remind them that since they've never had a single in person date, it's not cheating and the relationship is a derivative one. If you meet someone online and haven't had a date in three months after meeting, move on. For one reason or another that person is more invested in the distance than in intimacy of being together in person."