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Etiquette_Advice_TipsEtiquette Tips & Advice on Modern Manners


Displaying good manners, and knowing effective social skills will give you the confidence and the leg up to succeed in every type of relationship, including those that are romantic, personal and professional.


Knowing how to behave at a cocktail party, a college reunion or as the plus one to an industry retreat is valuable. That’s why understanding what etiquette is and what it can do for you, is crucial in relationships.


Demonstrating good manners costs nothing, and it can earn respect and an edge in business, dating and romance, when used correctly.

  • Discover who should pay for a first date — and the second.
  • Learn the rules on tipping — who you should tip and how much.
  • Find the latest on email, instant messaging, and text messaging etiquette.
  • Get the rules on dinner party etiquette and table manners.
  • Uncover the rules for how and when you should introduce your date to family and friends.
  • Benefit from understanding why certain clothing is respectful for an interview or a date.
  • Know the importance of thank you notes — and when they should be e-mail or paper.
  • Educate yourself on the rules of etiquette with an ex.