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Gift Giving

Gift Giving Advice & Rules on Tipping



Select the perfect gift for anyone and everyone on all occasions. You’ll appreciate learning the grace of gift giving, especially if you second guess yourself about how much to spend on a gift. Do you worry about when it is appropriate — or expected — to give a gift? Are you anxious about the message your gift is sending? Whether you need to find the appropriate gift for your girlfriend or your parents — or her parents, your child or their teacher, a first date gift, or even a little something to show your appreciation to clients or employees, you can learn the art of gift giving from April Masini.

  • Get great gift giving ideas and a guide to gifts for every stage of your relationship.
  • Discover priceless gifts that you can give on a tight budget.
  • Learn about special gifts that men want and love.
  • Acquire advice on host and hostess gifts.
  • Uncover unique Valentine’s Day, anniversary and Christmas gifts.
  • Educate yourself on how to give “green gifts”.
  • Awesome first date gift ideas, revealed.
  • Know the rules on re-gifting.
  • Understand the secret of great last minute gift ideas.