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Holiday & Special Occasions

Holiday Tips & Advice for Celebrating Special Occasions


Holidays can be warm and fuzzy – or they can be all out stress, tears and war! And it kind of makes sense when you think about it. Holidays are, after all, full of emotion, traditions and family, which can make for love and kisses — or depression and arguments.

Should you invite your new boyfriend to spend the holidays with your family? What if you and you girlfriend have different holiday traditions or religions? Is Christmas dinner with the in-laws making you nervous? Ever wish there was a Mother’s Day manual offering the dos and don’ts for dealing with divorced parents? Should you wait until after the holidays to break up with someone?

April Masini answers questions about holiday relationship dynamics for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and every holiday in between.

  • Tips for introducing your date to family and friends during the holidays.
  • Learn what his Halloween costume says about his personality.
  • Advice on throwing fabulous, last-minute holiday parties.
  • Have a white Christmas while going “green” for the environment.
  • Survive the holidays after a loss from death or divorce.
  • Turn Valentine’s Day, single, into a fun, loving holiday that’s special, even dateless.
  • Divorce advice for blended families in protracted custody battles over the shared schedule, the gifts and the winter vacation.
  • Seven secrets to romance on Valentine’s Day.
  • Get answers to your personal questions, from April, on her free relationship advice forum