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Marriage Advice

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MARRIAGE TIPS & Advice for Couples in Relationships

It's said that marriage changes everything... but that doesn't mean it has to be for the worse! So many people focus more on their wedding than on the marriage that comes after, that they can new brides and grooms are practically in a state of shock when the reality of married life hits.


Thankfully, it’s never to late to start focusing on the things that will really make the marriage as great as the wedding was, and April is here to help and to answer your questions…


Want to keep your marriage sizzling long after the wedding? Is it OK for you (or your husband or wife) to have an "office spouse"? Do you want tips for handling your in-laws? Are you or your spouse bored in your marriage? Relationship advice expert April Masini can help!


Get marriage tips and free instant access to relationship advice and answers to difficult questions:

  • Find out when it is, and isn't, OK not to wear your wedding ring.
  • Learn how to beat the divorce rate and keep your marriage strong. 
  • Get tips on how to keep your sex life hot and sizzling .
  • Find tips on how to listen and communicate effectively with your spouse
  • Learn how to be intimate with your partner... even if you're not sleeping in the same bed.
  • Learn the most romantic vacation spots just for couples.
  • Find the relationship help you've been looking for.
  • Learn tips on how to be a wife your husband will do anything for and how to be a husband your wife won't be able to keep her hands off of.