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Relationship Advice

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Whether you’re in a relationship now – or desperately want to be in one, you can find the relationship advice you want and the relationship help you need, right here and it is 100% free.


April will give you the long and the short on long distance love affairs, along with advice for how to make them work. Find the tips you need to pull yourself out of a rut in your relationship or in dating. Find out who is cheating and why. Do you know the signs a man gives when he’s ready to be in a committed relationship? If not, April will tell you. Are you sick of dating all of the wrong women…or of having no dates at all? If so, April will tell you how to get in the game.


April will give you the free troubled relationship help you’ve been looking for and honest answers to difficult questions on dating, love and relationships that you cannot find anywhere else.


April’s Q & A relationship advice columns answer your questions, like:

  • Learn the signs a man gives when he’s ready to be in a committed relationship.
  • Find out why “nice guys finish last”… and why the cocky arrogant guy gets the girl.
  • Get the answer to the question, “how can I get him to commit?”
  • Find out how to recover from a mistake when dating.
  • Learn tips on meeting your date’s family for the first time.
  • Get the tips you need for ending a relationship and advice on breaking up.
  • Get advice on when to (and when not to) have sex in a new relationship.

Relationship expert April Masini answers to your questions on our free relationship advice forum.