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Single Parents Dating Advice

Single Parents Dating Advice & Tips for Those Dating Single Parnets


Dating and starting new relationships can be hard for anyone, but especially for single parents. April is here to tell you why it does not have to be a big deal, and how to make sure it doesn’t become one!


Dating after divorce doesn’t have to be any trickier than any other transition in your life, and people have to let go of the taboo that divorced families are “broken.” They’re not. 

April advises, “don’t send your child the message that dating is an aberration. Dating and coupling are a natural part of life. Make sure you keep that message in the forefront of your parenting – and your own thinking as well!”

Find out the answers to two commonly asked questions:

  • Is it OK to let your children know you’re dating?
  • When do you introduce your date to your kids?


April also offers solutions and tips on things like,

  • Learn why dating is important for both you and your kids.
  • Advice on dating someone with daughter.
  • Get tips on how to balance work, kids, and dating.
  • Get tips on how (and when) you should introduce your kids to the man or woman you’re dating.
  • Find out how to have sex when you or your date have kids at home.
  • Learn about parents without partners.
  • Learn how to form relationships with your date’s children.
  • Discover how to deal if your significant other’s kids don’t like you…or you don’t like them.
  • Get advice on blended families and starting a blended family.
  • Get the rules on ex etiquette.


Find answers to questions about the ex-husband or ex-wife; and get tips on becoming a step-mother or step-father.


Get the answers to questions from men and women who are single parents, as well as from those who want to date, or are dating, a single parent.