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10 Tips To Improve Academic Success

10 Tips To Improve Academic Success

By Dr. June Stride View more articles

Of course, you are serious about education and your child’s progress. In fact, it is so important you are always thinking about how you can support her.

 Why not begin the school year with this helpful plan to help her succeed? No, it will not always be easy for you both to implement the 10 tips but with determination, you can establish good life-long study habits with your child. Improved study habits and your child’s realization of your commitment to supporting her with make a definite positive impact on her progress.

 10 TIPS for improved academic success

1.     Encourage your child to use an assignment pad or calendar for writing homework assignments for each class. Check it nightly (or as needed). Encourage your child to keep a notebook organized by subject area.

 2.     Check with the teacher to find out what the homework policy is. Review procedures for making up missing assignments due to absence from class.

 3.     Arrange a regular time to read and to do homework assignments and study. Establish a study spot: a quiet place with good light and a place at a table or desk. Have materials available (pen, pencil, ruler, compass, calculator, dictionary, computer if possible). Have a convenient storage area for works in progress or resources (could be as simple as a box).

4.     Establish that homework/study time is a "distraction-free" time, no TV, phone calls, games, loud music etc. Use the television as a learning tool. Check listings for programs that will enhance studies. 

5.     Be available for help or discussion. Show an interest in assignments and class work. Try to discuss school subjects during the normal course of conversation. Be a good role model. Read or do quiet work while your child studies or does homework. 

6.     Contact the teacher if your child is having difficulty completing assignments or if the work seems too hard or too easy. 

7.      Discuss the instructions for assignments to ascertain that your child will be on target. Monitor his/her work toward completion of assignments. Check long-range assignments; monitor progress. Help him/her establish goals/steps. 

8.     Make a habit of regular library use for research and pleasure reading. Amplify the impact by making a family commitment to library use. 

9.     Discuss how to improve study habits. Encourage a nightly review of notes, assignments. Ask him/her if you can give an oral quiz. 

10.  Give lots of encouragement with lots of praise whenever appropriate.