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3 Fun Fetishes To Enjoy In The Bedroom

3 Fun Fetishes To Enjoy In The Bedroom

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3 Fun Fetishes to Enjoy in the Bedroom

We are aroused by different stimuli, and some of them might not be what society deems as proper, but it doesn’t mean we should hide away from it. At the very least, we should experiment with our fetishes, especially if we have a willing partner who is just as curious in the bedroom department. Of course, there is always the option to meet fetish singles who are willing to try out some of our preferences or might even share some of our fetishes. But if you are still a bit hesitant about including all your fetishes in your sex play, here are some more common ones that can spice up your sex life without making you or your partner feel uncomfortable.

A bit of light spanking can go a long way

If being dominant is a part of your fetish, you should probably give spanking a chance. However, it is important that you make necessary arrangements with your partner beforehand and make sure they’re into it as well, it would not be a good idea to catch them off guard. Moreover, it may even result in an unpleasant and awkward conversation. So, tell your significant other what you would like to try in the bedroom before you decide to go for it.

Now, let’s deal with some technicalities. There is a certain art to spanking, from the amount of force you utilize to the location. That said, you should test out what feels the best. Start off slowly, make sure you alternate because being hit in the same place over and over again, even if it is just a light spank can become painful. Follow your partner’s lead, see how they react, and adjust the strength and frequency accordingly.

Bondage can be surprisingly fun

Another chapter that you can take from the BDSM fetish book. Bondage can be very fun and is a common fetish for a lot of people. Much like spanking, it is about dominance and submissiveness. In this case, the person who is tied up relinquishes all control, which a lot of people find very stimulating, especially if they are always in charge or have a very demanding job that has them making important decisions.

That moment when their hands are literally tied, and they have to give up control is incredibly inspiring and can lead to a lot of fun in the bedroom. Speaking of being tied up, Japanese silk rope is possibly the best. Also, it’s important to practice knotting, as one needs to be tied up tight but not too tight to avoid breaking circulation.

Don’t forget about roleplay

Finally, you can always bring some role play into the mix. Depending on your personal preferences and those of your partner, you can assume different roles and interact with each other in character. That makes things a lot more fun and interesting. And if you want, you can go a step further and add costumes and new locations into the mix so as to enhance the effects of this particular fetish. Just make sure you are both on board when it comes to what these characters you have created can and can’t do.

There you go, introducing a fun fetish into your bedroom is not that hard. All it takes is open communication with your partner and you are on your way.