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Celebrate Anal Month With These Beginner Friendly Anal Toys

Celebrate Anal Month With These Beginner Friendly Anal Toys

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Get excited, because August is anal month in the United States! It’s the month to celebrate a different kind of sex, one that’s guaranteed to bring you all sorts of different sensations.

If you’ve never tried anal before, this month is also a good time to get into it. People maintain a variety of different reasons for not trying anal — some have just never been interested and some haven’t ever had a partner ask about it. However, a lot of people have never tried anal because they’re scared to. Whether you’re worried it’s going to hurt or you think it’s unhygienic, you may be one of those people.

Anal month is all about soothing those fears and debunking myths around anal. So if you’ve never tried it or you’ve only lightly dabbled in the world of anal, try these anal toys on for size. Along the way, you may even learn something new about the fun of anal sex.

Anal Plugs

A big myth when it comes to anal play is that it’s difficult to do. Some people even think that anal play is only fun or exciting when you’re having sex with a partner. That’s definitely not true, and anal plugs thoroughly debunk the myth.

With an anal plug, you just relax and insert the plug. Smaller plugs, which are great to start out with, can be left in for a while. You can even go about your normal life with an anal plug inserted, which can be a very kinky way to enjoy the rest of your day.

Anal Beads

Another myth many people think about anal play is that there’s only one intensity, so to speak. For some people, anal play has only one mode: full penetration. That can be very intimidating for some, and it’s a big reason why people shy away from it. Anal beads are the perfect way to decide for yourself how intense your anal play is.

Anal bead strands have multiple beads — usually 5-7 — connected with a string, usually made of silicone. You insert the beads one by one, which means you can stop whenever you decide it’s just right. Beads also tend to get bigger as you go further up the strand, which means you can work your way up the ranks.

Anal Vibrators

Something else people tend to think about anal play is that the change in sensation largely comes from penetration. The in-out motion, similar to regular penetrative sex, can sometimes seem like the part that’s supposed to provide you with pleasure. An anal vibrator will definitely change the way you feel about that.

Anal vibrators are exactly what they sound like: sex toys that are meant for anal play, but come with vibration. Most anal toys have a variation with vibration. There are vibrating anal beads, vibrating anal plugs, and vibrating anal dildos. It’s a great way to enhance the sensations without having to rely on penetration to do it.

Dual Penetrators

A surprisingly consistent myth surrounding anal is that it’s less pleasurable because there’s no vaginal stimulation. Many people think that anal play is exclusively about anal stimulation, which means it’s only fun for people who get pleasure out of anal penetration. A dual penetrator blows that myth out of the water.

With a dual penetrator, you can experience anal and vaginal penetration at the same time, even without a partner. Many of them vibrate, and some even include clitoral stimulation, which can be absolutely mind-blowing to experience. Although it can be something you want to work up to, it’s an incredible way to experience anal.


The last recurring myth about anal play is that it’s unhygienic. This has kept a lot of people away from anal play, but it doesn’t have to. With the right toy cleaner and a healthy dose of enemas, you can have a completely clean anal play session.

An enema is when you put water into the anus, then flush it out. It essentially clears out your insides so that anal play is much more enjoyable and much cleaner. Some people also find it incredibly pleasurable, and use it as an important part of foreplay. Remember to also clean off your toys with a toy cleaner.


With anal month coming up, there’s never been a better time to take the initiative and get yourself a few anal toys. Try these beginner-friendly toys and break the top myths about anal in bed today.