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First Date Ideas 20 Of The Best Dates

First Date Ideas 20 Of The Best Dates

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How You Can Make the Best Out Your First Date and meet senior singles

So you have hit the jackpot by asking him/her on a date and a day has been mutually agreed by you both. Now there is just one more challenge, and that is where to take him/her on this date. Being the first date, you are trying not to overdo things, and at the same time, you are trying not to make it look like you have not put a lot of effort into adequate planning.

Well, here are 20 of the best ideas that will definitely help you overcome this first date challenge.

A Comedy Show

  • This is one of the best ideas for a first date, especially if you do not want to do a lot of talking.
  •  Preferably, make it a night comedy show because nighttime is the best for a romantic atmosphere.
  •  Laughing together is also one way to bond closely at the beginning of a relationship or friendship.

A Music Night Show

  • Make sure it is a soft music show, the likes of country music, R & B and souls.
  • Towards the end of the show, you can also invite him or her for a slow dance. This would help bridge any nervousness.

Golf Playing

  • It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or not, it is just to know one another better.
  • Golf playing is a perfect idea if you both are sports lover.
  •  Also, you can hold small talk while walking around hitting the balls.

Strolling in a Garden

  • This is perfect when you love nature.
  • You can even make it more exciting by plucking a flower for him/her or by planting flowers together.

Visit a Museum

  • The museum is one of the perfect first date ideas because there are times when conversation falters.
  •  In a museum, this can be avoided swiftly by talking about what you see.

See a Movie

  • You can go visit the cinema together and settle for a great choice of movie.
  • Preferably a romantic one: “milfs dating and singles,
  • A scary movie would also make a lot of sense, especially when you have to hold on tight to each other during the movie.

Go Bowling

  • Even though this seems to be a common date idea, it doesn’t take away the fact that it is enjoyable on a first date.
  • Especially for the bond that the excitement would bring.

Visit a Craft shop

  • There are a lot of things to enjoy in a craft store, and this might also help take away first date nervousness.
  • Both of you may even agree to craft something together.

Attend a Poetry Reading

  • This never gets old.
  • Poetry reading on a first date will definitely bring both parties together especially when they are poetry lovers.

Ride on a Horse

  • This idea would feel like one of those love romance novel.
  •  It is a perfect idea to kick start a relationship.
  • This would be a much better idea when either of you know how to ride a horse.

Go Clubbing

  • Visit the club for a lot of dancing.
  • Especially when you don’t want to do too much talking.


  • Strolling is a great idea too, just walking around a park or a campus.
  • You can do so holding hands for more intimacy.

Joining a Campfire

  • Another perfect idea is joining a group of friends on a campfire night.
  •  You all can just sit around the fire, enjoying the best night of your life.


  • Hiking is also a perfect idea you would enjoy a lot.
  • You could also use the opportunity to teach him/her if they are not great at it.

Plan a Photo Session

  • What better first date can you have than planning a memorable photo shoot.
  • The pictures would definitely be cherished for a long time.

Visit The Library

  • Visit the library and share some of your favorite books with one another.
  • You can also take him/her to your favorite library spot.

Solve a Puzzle

  • Having to think together and work as a team on a puzzle to bring you closer to each other.
  • The joy in eventually solving the puzzle would be exhilarating.

Have a Picnic

  • Plan a picnic where you read poems to each other.
  • You can also take snacks and drinks along.
  • Also, take along a board game like monopoly or scrabble should in case it gets boring.


  • Sharing a karaoke session together would bring you closer to one another.
  • It is also something you can laugh about later.

Cook at Home

  • Invite him/her to your home and display your cooking skills.
  • You may choose to prepare more than one meal.
  • After eating you can choose to see a cool movie on Netflix, after which both of you can hold a conversation.


Using any one of these aforementioned ideas will definitely bring you the desired result if well planned.