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Five Apps To Help You Read Text Messages From Another Phone For Free

Five Apps To Help You Read Text Messages From Another Phone For Free

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5 Apps to Help You Read Text Messages from another Phone For Free

Many people’s lives, in this era of technology, revolve around their Smartphone. It is inappropriate to spy on someone’s private cell phone, but special circumstances may arise where you need to find out how to read text messages from another phone for free. In case you suspect that your child is in some trouble or a significant other is up to no good, a reliable application that brings you their text threads may come in handy.

Moreover, they can help monitor the usage of company cell-phones and other resources in the workplace to avoid industrial espionage and the use of social media during working hours. This article is a compilation of the best text spy applications available:

1. AppSpy

For it to work, the target device should have a reliable Wi-Fi, 4G or 3G internet connection. To access the app, visit the AppSpy website via the target phone to install it, and set it to allow installation of non-market applications. Once installed, register a new account then hide the icon if you need to use the app on stealth mode. You can now visit your control panel through their website to access all the information you need on your target phone.

2. SpyHuman

This app provides not only provides free SMS and Social Media tracker, but also GPS and Live call monitoring. It gives you virtually full access to your target's Android device, and they offer 24-hour Customer support.  Visit their website to get more information on the application and download it.

3. KidBridge

This app, previously known as TeenSafe, has been used by over 1 million parents to monitoring their teens’ activities. It gives you access not only to their phone’s default messenger, but also other messaging apps like Viber and Whatsapp. You can also view hidden and deleted iMessages. To install it, visit the KidBridge website for a clean and updated version of the app.

4. Flexispy

This app is famed for giving its users remote access to their targets’ Android, Windows, iOS and Nokia Smartphones, tablets, and computers. It has a user-friendly and modern dashboard for its users. You can not only monitor text messages, e-mails and all the media (images and videos) sent via these channels, but also their call logs, live calls listening and camera. You can choose between Flexispy Extreme and Flexispy Premium packages.

5. MSpy

Since its inception in 2011, MSpy has been a popular and user-friendly app that works. It has garnered over 1 million users globally. It operates under stealth mode to give you access to your target's messages and internet usage. You can choose between the MSpy Basic and Premium packages, the former which offers regular features like access to call logs, browser history, and GPS tracking, and the latter all those as mentioned earlier plus more advanced features. The application is available on the MSpy website.


All these applications are safe, convenient and do not require you to root your android or jailbreak your iPhone, and offer reliable tech support. All you need to do is accept their terms and conditions and follow the stipulated instructions.