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Fun Dates To Refresh Your Relationship

Fun Dates To Refresh Your Relationship

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When you have been with your partner for a long time, weekly dinner and movie dates can get a little tiresome. Sometimes you need to break out of your rut and bring some new, fun dating ideas into your life. Here are five fun, fresh and fantastic ideas for dates that will bring something different into your normal routine!

Cook together.

Instead of going out for a dinner date, why not make the cooking of dinner the actual date itself? Sit down with your partner and make a bucket list of dishes you want to learn how to cook, or types of cuisine you have always wanted to try. Be daring and try to perfect some notoriously difficult dishes like risotto, or a croquembouche. Trying something beyond your current skill set will provide a nice opportunity for you and your partner to work together as a team. And you also get some delicious food out of the date too!

Unleash your competitive side!

There is nothing like a bit of friendly competition to spice up your romantic relationship! Bring out the dusty board games; scrabble and monopoly are always old favorites. If you are more of a sporty couple, why not challenge your loved one to a running race or tennis tournament? Or maybe head over to , find a game both you and your partner like (there are so many options!), set up two laptops and see who can win the most amount of money in a night.

Plan surprise dates.

A fun idea is to plan surprise dates; one week you plan the date –the next week your partner becomes the planner. The element of mystery and surprise brings a whole new dimension to date night! If you really want to enhance the surprise of it, blindfold your loved one while in the car, and play a guessing game to see if they can figure out where you are headed.

Go on an adventure.

Sometimes we restrict our dates geographically to the town or city in which we reside. If you are planning a date for a Saturday or Sunday, have a look to see if there are any fun day trips you can take; nothing with too much driving –but even an hour out of town can give you the feeling of a mini vacation and the rejuvenation that accompanies it. Make a fun playlist for the car ride, with all of your favorite songs on it. Be sure to include some fun sing-along songs that you can belt out together!

Start a project together.

Find an activity that both you and your partner can work on together over a period of time. Think about restoring an old piece of furniture, or a small DIY project for your house. If you are less crafty, perhaps learning something new together is a good idea. It can be anything; a language, a style of dance, or even an instrument. If there is a book that you both want to read – read it together, taking turns to read aloud.