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Here Is Why DIY Wedding Planning May Not Be In Your Best Interest

Here Is Why DIY Wedding Planning May Not Be In Your Best Interest

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Every bride wants nothing more than for her wedding day to be unique. Armed with a ton of ideas already from childhood dreams and Pinterest posts, she is ready to create a day that will be special in every way. Seeming like a simple and economically wise decision to make, many women try to plan the wedding on her own with the help of a few family and friends. Only, they learn the hard way just how complex the wedding planning process really is.

Yes, some parts of planning a wedding are simple enough to do without the experts including selecting the colors, picking out  your wedding dress, or purchasing the wedding bands, but there are other areas of wedding planning that can drain you of time and energy without the help of wedding experts like planners, DJs, bakers, and caterers. Eventually, you’ll want to call in the cavalry and here’s why.

They Can Make Dreams a Reality

Most of your wedding ideas come from movies, television shows, magazines, and social media. They are essentially pictures or snippets of ideas you’d like to bring to life at your own wedding. However, do you know where to go to get the newest line of Vera Wang wedding dresses? Do you have a clue of how that gorgeous wall of flowers was created for Kim and Kanye’s wedding? Have you the slightest idea of the best venues to provide the best canvas for your nuptials?

If you’re going to turn things you’ve seen into a reality on your special day, you’ll need help from wedding experts like wonderstruck-events where the planners are so connected they can see your vision and immediately know where to turn to make it come true.

They Know How to Work Within a Budget

Another issue brides-to-be have when planning a wedding is staying on budget. They set a monetary limit on their big day, but somehow end up going way over what they allotted. It may not be that you’re bad with money, but more or less, you’re just drawn in by all the bells and whistles the wedding industry has to offer. You get so wrapped up in having what you want that cost somehow goes out the window.

Wedding planners, caterers, and bakers, on the other hand, know how to keep you on budget. When you give them the budgeted amount, they work within those limits to give you what you’re looking for. A caterer who knows you have a limited budget will work to create an affordable but decadent menu for your special day. If you show up to the bakery with a photo of a cake you want to be recreated, but it’s going to cost more than you can afford, the baker will work with you to find a comparable design that keeps you on track financially.

They Plan for the Unexpected

Here’s one thing that brides often find out the day of their wedding - not all things will go according to plan. If you were planning a wedding on your own, rainy weather could put a damper on your beach wedding, a mishap in the bakery could result in your cake not arriving on time, and damaged DJ equipment could mean your guests have to sit in silence.

When you work with experts, however, they have a plan A, B, and C. If rain is on the horizon, your wedding planner is immediately on the phone with the venue creating a backup plan to accommodate all of your guests. Should something happen with the DJ equipment, they’ve got backup equipment nearby ready to go. Not enough food for all your guests? The caterer has likely already got you covered and made extra servings for just in case.

Whether you’re getting married for the first, second, or fiftieth time, it goes without saying that a little help can go a long way. Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking and while you may feel empowered to do some of it on your own, it never hurts to consult with the experts to ensure your day goes off without a hitch.