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How Masturbation Can Affect Your Love Life

How Masturbation Can Affect Your Love Life

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How Masturbation Can Affect Your Love Life: The Pros and Cons

Research has shown that masturbation is a very healthy habit. It can help you relieve a lot of the stress and tension that your body accumulates during daily activity, and of course, experience pleasure. However, did you know that masturbation has a direct effect on your love life and relationships as well?

Depending on how you handle it, these effects can be either positive or negative. Here are some of them:


You have a new benchmark.

Masturbating alone can help you explore your body in a way that only personal experience can. When you have sex with your partner, there's the likelihood for you to do things the same way you've always done them. Since you've had sex several times before, there are already actions and responses that you expect from your partner and your body. However, when you masturbate, everything changes.

You can explore your body in a whole new way and discover feelings you never knew before. Besides the immediate joy of these new feelings, it can also help you know what you're aiming for every time you have sex with your partner. You'll no longer expect the same old experience. You can now expect new things from your love-making. You can visit bitch topia for ideas on how you can explore your body.

If you watch porn while you masturbate, you can learn new sexual techniques.

Many people prefer to watch pornography while they masturbate. They find it doubly pleasurable. If you fall into this category, then watching porn will expose you to new sexual techniques and practices that you and your partner can try out. These techniques can help you explore more in your relationship and even strengthen your sexual bond.

However, you have to be careful when telling your partner about these techniques. If your partner is madly in love with you, there's a tendency for them to get suspicious about where you're getting your new sexual techniques from. It's a good idea to be upfront about the fact that you watch porn, and just get it out of the way.


Masturbation can also decrease your sexual urge.

As a human being, you can only have sex so many times. Our bodies are wired such that we derive satisfaction and reduced pleasure in some activities after doing them for a while. It's the same reason why, no matter how hungry you are, there's only so much you can eat. Likewise, if you've had several orgasms that day, you may be unwilling to have sex with your partner.

Sometimes, your partner can understand and accommodate the situation. Other times, they can get upset. In this way, masturbation can seriously hurt your relationship. This is why it's important to realize that you're in a relationship, and that to some level, you're accountable to your partner.

Your partner might get jealous.

Sometimes in relationships, partners get jealous when their partners have sexual adventures without them. Even though masturbation is healthy and necessary for the body, some masturbation may be too far for some people. Partners may even consider it a form of cheating. If your partner has these conservative views, your masturbation habits may put a strain on your relationship.

As always, the key lies in communication. You can help your partner understand your reasons for masturbation. You may even help them discover their own unique sexual experience.