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Is Marriage The Last Stage Of A Relationship

Is Marriage The Last Stage Of A Relationship

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The development of a relationship between a couple is akin to the growth and development of a child. The relationship between them goes through various phases of marriage with their share of ups and downs. Only those couples who are able to weather the storm and remain firm despite the bumpy road in a relationship, are the ones who stand the test of time.


With the arrangement of living together at their disposal, most couples wonder if marriage is the last stage of their relationship. While the former is the new trend, the latter is considered more acceptable in society. Read on to know whether or not a marriage seals the deal in a relationship.


New life after marriage


Just as everything has a beginning, a romance precedes marriage in a relationship. Out of all the stages of marriage in a relationship, it is the one at which everything seems to go right. From following hobbies to going together to movies and other places, nothing literally looks out of the place. Even when it comes to communicating with one another, things work like a charm. This leads to marriage.


As is the case with most couples, the feeling may continue in your case for the first few days or even months after marriage. The figures of your marriage statistics look good to you as well as your partner. Then comes a stage wherein you are likely to find as if things have taken an abrupt U-turn. The production of chemicals in the body, the positive energy, and the constructive attitude that held both of you together all seem to go for a toss. All of a sudden it looks like marriage is poles apart from what you had thought of at the outset.


Worse, the realization that you and your spouse share numerous similarities starts changing in quick time as little things start bothering you. You realize that your spouse spends a long time on the toilet, have bad breath in the morning, leave letters and magazines in an untidy state and never does things in the way you want them to do. Arguments become all too frequent and you grapple with some life-altering decisions.


Is it the end of the road for your relationship or a new beginning? According to most relationship coaches or experts, it is the other way around. The need of the hour for you at this stage is to find out solutions to the new challenges for not only saving your relationship but also for bringing it back on track. Here’s how things are likely to shape up between you and your better half.


1. Love and total passion


There is no substitute for love and passion in a relationship. In line with this concept, you the strong bonds of love between both of you will overpower your differences. This is the best part of a relationship which graduates into a marriage. Regardless of the existing differences, you will still think and act with a touch of love and total passion for your partner.


As you start thinking from the standpoint of these two key aspects of your relationship, the road ahead of you will become smooth and even. A feeling sets in that you can make the situation favorable for yourself by making a few minor adjustments. This leads to a new realization.



2. Realization


In this phase, you start adopting an even-handed approach. More often than not, you put yourself in the shoes of your partner and start reading situations from their point of view. Due to this newly found change, things start easing out and, despite your differences in various situations, you start taking things with a positive frame of mind. Differences look to you like opportunities for adapting yourself to the changes so you get more accustomed to living with your spouse. 


This is the point which brings in a positive change in your relationship. Consequently, the zigzag path of the relationship between you and your spouse looks straight and you get a clear picture of what you can do to prevent things from getting out of your hand.


3. You want to change each other


Next, both of you are likely to change each other, albeit in a constructive way. Both of you start to learn the art of living with the differences and respect each other for it. You realize that all the five fingers are not the same. This awareness keeps you well-grounded and generates a tone of generosity in both your words and actions. Owing to the awareness, both you and your spouse seem responsible and do things to reform yourselves for a happy married life.


4. Reunion


Now that the differences, the misunderstandings, the preconceptions are all gone, there is no reason to undo the strong bonds of relationship between you and your soul mate. Both of you are ready to start a new and exciting phase in your relationship – a reunion.




Whether marriage would be the last stage of a relationship, solely depends on one’s attitude and actions. Your relationship is no exception to this rule. Unfortunately, most couples either resign to the fate or go for separation. However, it is important to understand that differences between a husband and a wife are a part and parcel of the relationship called marriage and there are ways to set out things favorable.


If you are at the state of confusion in your married relationship, do not worry. Be patient, hold your horses of reason to pave the path for a happy reunion.