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Make Being Single Count

Make Being Single Count

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We’re all on our own personal, unfathomable, magical journeys through life, and I urge you not to get so caught up in trying to do what’s expected of you that you end up settling for less. 


There are so many among us who are remaining in relationships that make us unhappy because we’re scared of ending up alone, but there are many fates worse than solitude.


When the time is right, things will happen as they should, and, for the most part, when you least expect it to, love arrives at your doorstep in a way you could never have imagined. While you’re single, enjoy it, and take these tips to heart in making sure you’re having fun!


Get to Know Yourself


All these years being you, and you barely know yourself! 


There is plenty of time to settle down with someone else yet, so why not take yourself out on a date or two before that? You could organise a nice bottle of wine and relax with an online pokies game, get dressed up and go out to the movies, or simply enjoy a fancy dinner out at a restaurant you can’t afford to visit too often. 


Purchase some special things with only yourself in mind, or go travelling, starting off with locales closer to home and gradually expanding your horizons to include places more far-flung. Find out what you love about you.


Take Some Me Time


This ties in with getting to know yourself better: imagine yourself as the true love of your life, and treat yourself accordingly. You’ll find that you’re far less likely to accept second-best when you’ve been putting yourself first for a while. 


Taking time for yourself can take many forms: book yourself that long-overdue doctor’s appointment, and schedule a reward for getting it done. Play online bingo if you like winning big and want to treat yourself. Schedule exercise into your day, and meditate regularly as well. Perhaps it’s time to see a therapist, and start unpacking issues that have been holding you back? Whatever your love language may be, start lavishing it on yourself. 


Take a Good, Hard Look in the Mirror


What are you lacking? In what ways could you improve? How is your credit score doing? Are your savings up to scratch? What is your ideal version of you?


Figure these things out, notice where your life needs a little work, and then get to it. You need to have your own back, and acknowledging the areas that need a little looking at will make it that much more of an achievement when you’re back on track. 


Get Really Comfortable Being Alone


Don’t let out dated, and untrue, societal norms rule your life. Being single doesn't mean you’re desperate, lonely, or inadequate. It means you’re single! 


Spend the time you’ve got available enjoying yourself, by yourself and with others as the situation dictates, and enjoy the freedom of not having to check in with anyone else for the moment


If a long-term relationship is what you want, it’s guaranteed to happen along down the line, so enjoy the time you can spend fancy-free doing what you love to do for now.