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Proven Tricks Which Prevent Snoring

Proven Tricks Which Prevent Snoring

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You should gather enough energy for tomorrow while sleeping. Getting enough sleep is a must, but it is not about the quantity, but the quality. People who snore can sleep up to 10 hours, but it will have an almost none positive effect. Snorers wake up tired and go to bed tired. This is a sad story of people who don’t know how to prevent snoring. We are here to show you there are some proven tricks that can help you with the snoring. You just haven’t heard them yet, but now you will. 

Snorers, bear in mind one thing: You are not alone! There are millions of other snorers out there and they are fighting the same battle as you. Yet, you will be the winner in this one.

  • Side sleeping

Many people out there sleep on their back. This is a common position but doesn’t work for some people, as it makes them snore. How come? Well, while you sleep on your back, chances of opening your mouth are almost 100%, or at least you would open them a couple of times in your sleep. When you combine back sleeping with some unhealthy life habits we all have, such as smoking, or being obese, lack of activity, etc., you get a mouth snoring. The key is in sleeping on your side. Back sleeping position squashes the airways, while side sleeping frees them.

  • Eat healthily

It doesn’t have to mean that you are obese, but an unhealthy diet affects snoring. Maybe you have optimal weight, but the condition in your body is bad. That is why you should take in more greens – vegetables, and fruits. Fresh meals are the best. Consume pineapple, as this fruit contains bromelain, which helps you snore less. Vitamin C is also highly recommendable. You can find it in lemons, of course, oranges, grapefruits, mango, and many more.

  • Lift your pillow up

Sleeping on a flat pillow will make your jaw fall down. Do you know what does it mean? Remember what we mentioned in the first trick – back sleeping. If you are sleeping on a flat pillow and you sleep on your back, your jaw will automatically fall down and open up the mouth. You know the rest of the story. That is why you should lift your pillow. That creates tension in your jaw, disabling it to open up. 

You can even put a couple of books underneath the pillow. This will prevent it from slipping down again. It will maybe take a few days to get used to sleeping on a lifted pillow, but this is a minimal effort in comparison to fatigue induced by snoring.

  • Body pillow

Now that we mentioned the pillow in the upper paragraph, it is the time to talk about body pillow. These are simply great. Body pillows are comfy and big and prevent snoring. Sleeping on the body pillow prevents your body from turning on your back. What a great and sweet trick!

  • Play an instrument

If you like music, but still don’t know to play some instrument, it is about time to start up with the classes. We suggest you to learn how to play a flute, a trumpet, or even a saxophone. Pick an instrument you like and it will help you stop snoring. The thing is, it will strengthen your throat muscles. Strong throat muscles don’t produce snoring sounds.

We revealed you the tricks. However, if you want one more thing that is proven to prevent snoring, then you should go for a mouthpiece. Snore stopping mouthpiece really does miracles, as it would erase those awful snoring sounds in one night. Among the tricks we uncovered just for you, we are sure you will find the one that works best for you.