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Rewarding Young Athletes With Trophies

Rewarding Young Athletes With Trophies

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Not every professional athlete had the talent, initially, to excel in sports. Michael Oher struggled with hardships, but when he began his football training, he showed up for every training and worked hard to soon became a great football offensive tackle. Larry Bird also had many hardships to overcome. Larry found his love for basketball before he was drafted to the NBA. He too worked hard and became one of the great American basketball players.

Kids who will probably not play in the big leagues continue to play to the best of their ability and walk away having learned how important teamwork is and pushing yourself not to give up in life. Coaches saw the signs of potential in their players and started a mentoring relationship with them when they were in grade school, high school, and college.

Coaches ensure that their players stay motivated and properly trained which is why athletes in varied sports are recognized for their athletic achievements, sportsmanship, and dedication at the end of the season. There is often a team banquet followed by awarding athletes personal trophies acknowledging their progression as team players. It is for this reason why trophies are encouraged to be given to less-talented athletes who participate in youth sports. Young athletes deserve to be honored in ways where they can feel accomplished.

Trophies were originally given out for participation in sports that began in the 1970s because a youth soccer league created the idea which is now commonplace. Trophies, like those designed and made by Edco, are available in whatever sports and activities that your team plays in. They provide free engraving on trophy sizes, shapes, and materials like crystal, acrylic, and colorful plated accessories.

Students should receive trophies, especially when you engrave them with why they are receiving the award. Trophies should better communicate reasons like working hard, best attendance at training, leadership ability, and being a team motivator. Trophies are a symbol of praising athletic students and it helps to build their confidence.

The National Basketball Association awards its teams, individual players, and coaches with trophies. After the tournament, each player receives a ring. The National Football League awards in the same manner, concluding with very prestigious awards. A ring can be viewed as a type of trophy, therefore, why not reward young athletes with various style trophies to keep encouraging them to be the best that they can be.

To get to the professional level, student-athletes must remain encouraged to continuing playing their favorite sports. Rewarding them along the way is the best form of allowing them to continue to love the sport and to strive for something bigger than their present circumstances. What message does a trophy say when teams lose? Giving players on the winning team and the losing team tells the kids that they tried and that next year they will come back and win!

Remember those trophy manufacturers also design pins, certificates, medals, and cups, all of which are embolic as a thank you for young sports athletes. Their significance is the same as saying that even when you lose, this trophy means that you still worked hard, endured a tough season, played while you were injured or sore and still gave it all you had, until next time which could be your win.

Young athletes who keep losing can easily lose interest. They feel disappointed in themselves and their team. At least rewarding them with a trophy that they can take home helps to boost their spirit until another day. A coach handing a trophy to the kids who lost the game doesn't mean that they did not deserve to be rewarded for showing up and finishing the game without giving up.

Sports trophies are a vestige of achieving a personal goal. Trophies given to young sports athletes is an encouragement for the athlete that came to the United States without speaking the language, it's for the athlete who is in a wheelchair, it is for the athlete who is female and has been unable to play until now, it is for the young athlete who is mentally challenged. Being handed a trophy is an accomplishment well deserved!