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Slot Games For Two. Power Couples And Online Casino Games

Slot Games For Two. Power Couples And Online Casino Games

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For one reason or another, gambling (all types included, whether land gambling or online) has been traditionally considered as being a strictly solitary activity. But take one quick look around the casino floor, and you will see how far removed this myth is from reality. You will see college couples escaping the chaos of exam sessions for a quick night vacation, newlyweds on their honeymoon looking to have a little bit of fun before life’s responsibilities kick in, and older couples who are enjoying each other’s company as intensely as in the past 30 years or so. The same principles apply to online casino games as well – it is a fun, enjoyable activity that can help couples enhance their bond even further.

Couples That Play Together Stay Together

You have probably heard this old idiom replayed thousands of times, either from older people or your relatives. Even though this saying might sound like the most boring platitude ever uttered, it actually holds up to scrutiny in the modern era.

Couples do not have to enjoy the same activities and hobbies, and it is true that the occasional time apart can do wonders for the strength of the relationship on the long term. But recent research shows that the couples who strive to escape the routine and minutiae of daily life by engaging in novel activities together - for example with casino online games - have a higher chance of staying together.

A landmark research paper titled Couples’ Shared Participation In Novel and Arousing Activities and Experienced Relationship Activities, published in 2000 by dr. Arthur Aron, a psychology professor at the State University of New York At Stony Brook proves this exact idea. The researcher, who focuses on the study of interpersonal relationships, subjected three groups to ‘’novel and arousing tasks’’, the next one to ‘’mundane tasks’’, and the final one to no specific tasks.

Unsurprisingly, the couples who reported the highest levels of relationship quality were the ones that engaged in entertaining activities together. This only shows how gambling, whether on land or online, can have the power to enhance relationship bonds because it encourages collaboration, communication, and team effort. Which takes us to the next entry…

Couples Grow by Playing Together

The key to a happy, fulfilling relationship is communication, collaboration, and reciprocal support. One of the best ways to improve on these elements is by engaging in exciting activities such as online casino games. Casino games such as blackjack, poker, roulette and slot machines (particularly the latter example) require tactic thinking, a keen strategic sense, a likeness for novelty like finding the best secret slots, dedication and a willingness to improve upon one’s weaknesses.

These activities can get even more exciting when the prospect of getting rich overnight is just around the corner. Just ask Walter and Linda Misco, a New Hampshire couple who have hit the 2.4 million dollar jackpot after playing the same Lion’s Share machine at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas for over 20 years. Or Maria Lampropulous and Ivan Luca, an Argentinian couple who have made a name of themselves in the poker scene as singles, but have since become one of the world’s most famous poker power couples. After bagging over 1 million dollars during at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event championship, Maria Lampropulos said that her relationship with Ivan helped her grow both as a player, as well as an individual: ‘’I am extremely grateful for the people who believed in me, especially my boyfriend. Ivan always trusted me and helped me to improve and grow. Whenever I had doubts about how I’d played a hand, he helped me regain my confidence by telling me that I can get it.’’


Gambling is certainly not an activity suited for everybody, but for some couples, it could represent the exact element of novelty required to spice up their relationship and enhance their bond even further. As of recent, landmark research conducted on couples has shown that the age-old idiom ‘’couples that play together, stay together’’ is not only true, but it is vital, and it improves the quality of the relationship. Whether or not the games are physical or in the online realm is entirely irrelevant – the important thing, as a couple, is to engage in novel, entertaining activities that helps you and your loved one take a break from the routine of daily life.