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Some Things To Note About Intimacy

Some Things To Note About Intimacy

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Some Things to Note About Intimacy


The nature of an intimate relationship can change, and indeed, it will over time. But then, what a lot of people don't think about is that there are many different kinds of intimacy you can have with your partner. When you have intimacy in one way, it may simply be implied that you'll also have it in another way, but this is by no means a guarantee. Not all forms of intimacy are the same, and often, they aren't linked together by default.


A lot of relationships end up drifting apart in some cases because of life goals. In some cases, it's because of a built-in level of incompatibility between the partners, and in some other cases, it's just because people don't work well together in a given context. Just having great sex or just being great friends isn’t guarantors that the relationship will stay intimate in the ways it needs to keep functioning. Just functioning isn't enough to be truly fulfilled in any part of your life.


The Early Days


There was a time in your relationship when had nothing on you, for sure. These were the times when cooking a meal together could easily result in throwing off each other's clothes, and where the river of passion threatened to overflow at a moment's notice, no matter how innocent the moment may have started. These days tend not to last too long, especially if you meet the person when you're older and your drive has begun to fade to an extent.


Of course, there are ways to salvage your intimacy of this sort, and even to improve on it. Part of this is through being honest with your partner, as well as with yourself. If something turns you on, you should let your partner know honestly, even though there may be the fear of judgment inside you. You should be so willing to listen to what turns them on, that they are happy to tell you. If you don't have this type of intimacy at this time, or if it has flagged a bit, there are still ways to salvage it.


The Real and Really Deep Intimacy


Intimacy itself doesn't even have to involve anything that requires a person to take off their clothes or be physically turned on. This is where a lot of people get things mixed up, and it can be bad for them overall. Real intimacy comes from being able to truly talk to your partner, whether it's about how your day went, how you're feeling, or how you're having doubts about the relationship.


It may seem strange to want to talk to your partner about the parts of the relationship you don't like, but this is important. When you can talk openly about problems, they tend to resolve themselves pretty quickly. You never need to feel like you have to hide things to make the relationship work properly.