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Why Escape Rooms Are The Perfect Date Idea

Why Escape Rooms Are The Perfect Date Idea

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Why Escape Rooms are the Perfect Date Idea

So it’s date night and you’ve put so much work into getting ready. You put together a fancy outfit, got a manicure and even typed “facials near me” into Google hoping to score a nice deal on a face beautification treatment. Hell, you even got that expensive haircut because you either go big or go home right? Only to end up with the most awkward date ever. We’ve all been there.

Dates can easily fall anywhere between absolutely wonderful and terribly awkward. It’s never   a one-size-fits-all affair and most times you don’t know what to expect. Now here’s a hack that will help you control the narrative: pick a date idea that involves activity where both of you can work together to accomplish something fun. It could be a puzzle game, go-karting or our absolute favorite: escape rooms. 

Since the establishment of the first one in 2007, escape rooms have quickly grown in popularity. The idea of escaping from a room by solving mysteries is as exciting as it is different. Here’s why visiting an escape room is the ultimate date:

1. It’s Unusual

Sitting at a dinner table dressed in your favorite evening dress is great but who wants to keep doing that all the time? The whole point of a date is to loosen up and enjoy yourself. What better way to do that than by solving a fun mystery? With escape rooms, you can kiss the mundane dates goodbye. You can also do this on different dates because there’s always a fun selection of a fun selection of new escape games worldwide that you can try out. 

2. It’s Unforgettable

Dinner dates are so predictable and let’s face it, they have to be over-the-top for you to even remember them. Escape room dates on the other hand are challenging, engaging and filled with so much fun that it’s probably impossible to forget them. They also give you a great way to connect with your partner even after the date since you’ll have something to talk about with them.  

3. It’s Great for Bonding

Escape rooms bring you a sense of being trapped in a dangerous situation. Working with someone to get out of that situation can give you an adrenaline boost. This in turn improves the chemistry between you both. You also get to find out fun things about your partner that you didn’t know before. Since there are always new escape games worldwide, you can go and see a different one with a unique bonding experience each time. 

4. It Eliminates the Awkward Silence

Even when awkward pauses do not completely take over your coffee or dinner date, the thought of avoiding them might. It’s always really obvious when you’re trying too hard and nobody should have to do that on their date. You know how it feels like time moves more quickly when you’re having fun? Escape rooms will give you that feeling. You get so busy trying to work with your date to solve your puzzles that there’s just no room for awkwardness. You’ll be surprised to see how effortlessly the conversation will flow, even if you don’t have much in common with your date!

5. It Works Even on a Tight Budget

Expensive dates are amazing, but sometimes you just want to do something that won’t put a huge dent in your pocket. Escape rooms ensure that you can have a great time and receive value for your money. You’ll find that with some of the new escape games worldwide like Mindspark and No limit, $50 is enough to have a great time.

6. It’s Fun!

I can’t stress this reason enough! I’m not sure anyone wants to go on a date where they don’t have fun. Escape rooms are challenging and packed with excitement, communication, laughter, intimacy and every other thing needed for a great date. Apart from the satisfaction you’ll feel, your date will have a good time and get to see your interesting side.