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At Risk For Academic Failure

At Risk For Academic Failure

By Dr. June Stride View more articles

Alert parents notice attitudinal and behavior changes in their child but sometimes there are only subtle hints that a school problem is developing or has developed. These subtle hints may be the signal that it’s time for you to take a more active role in determining the cause and how to help alleviate it.

10 Warning Signs:

  1. Lack of interest and/or involvement in school courses or activities.
  2. Poor or failing test grades and/or class work grades.
  3. No papers brought home; books or homework are not shared with you.
  4. Refusal to share information about classes and grades; annoyance when asked.
  5. Difficulty focusing on written or reading assignments.
  6.  Does not seem to study or know how to study for exams.
  7. “Bored”-- claims subject matter is too difficult and will never master it, or claims he/she already knows it
  8. Little attempt to do homework/study regularly; does not carry books/notebooks to and from school.
  9. School reports of behavior problems involving your child.
  10. Generalized depressed attitude.

You know your child better than most. Your child may demonstrate several of the above behaviors and not be at-risk for academic failure. However, if the signs are recurring and pervasive, there may be a problem that you need to address ASAP! Keep the lines of communication open with your child and with your child’s teacher. Be open to suggestions from your child or her teacher, that might help move her in a more positive direction.