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Better Sex Tips For Women Venus Butterfly

Better Sex Tips For Women Venus Butterfly

By Sex Therapist, Dr. Diana Wiley View more articles

Some years ago, the hit TV show "L.A. Law" introduced a new term into the sexual vocabulary of America: the Venus-Butterfly. (Do you remember?) The technique was, alas, a figment of the scriptwriter's imagination. Here are some possible enactments for pursuing the "Venus-Butterfly":

  • The female partner assumes a prone position, with her legs partly spread and her bottom just a bit elevated. Her skillful male partner then enters her from behind.
  • Simultaneously, he places the forefingers of each hand (for maximum effect, both are required) at either side of the lady's clitoris. The bi-winged approach resembles a butterfly! His hands help support her thighs, and as he thrusts into the vagina, he gently applies friction to each side of the clitoris, massaging in rhythm with his other movements. The gentle tugging lends additional pressure to the vulva/vagina, generating sensory overload.
  • Place the thumbs, side by side, support the chin since the neck may get tired performing lengthy cunnilingus. The forefingers are used to spread the labia; the joined middle fingers are inserted into the vagina and the ring fingers are interlocked.
  • The woman lies on her back and the man places her right leg over his shoulder allowing him easy access to her pubic mound. With tender, gentle movements, the lover spreads her vulva lips apart with his left hand, exposing the clit and forming the shape of a butterfly. While the man flicks and gently darts his tongue on and around the clit, sometimes sucking gently upon it, he slowly and gently opens and closes the lips upon the clit - forming the shape of a butterfly. The guy may also want to move the thumb of his right hand in and out of the vagina. This may give his lover something to bear down as she orgasms.
  • The man takes his penis (hard or soft) in hand, and, starting at the south end of the vagina, gently rubs the head into the groove of the vagina, lightly sliding it upwards to the clitoris. Then, he reverses it, and slides it slowly back down. Repeat. The guy now works his shaft lengthwise into the fold of the vagina. Yes, this is when you achieve the likeness of a butterfly: with the shaft of the penis as its head and abdomen and labia as its wings

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