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Dating Tips Phone It In

Dating Tips Phone It In

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Let's face it -- when it comes to dating you've got to "get it goin' on" otherwise it just won't be goin' anywhere... at all. Luckily there are some things you can do to improve your game. And one of the sexiest things you've got going is your voice -- so play it up -- or get played.

What does your cell phone or home answering machine say about you?

Do you sound like you need cold medication and a cup of tea with honey and lemon? Are there six kids screaming in the background? Did the police drive by just as you were leaving your voice machine message, so it sounds like you're an extra on a weekly cop show? Is how you sound the way you want to sound?

No one every talks about how you sound is so key to gettin' your groove on, it's worth taking the time to make some adjustments. Do you need to freshen things up there? Is your greeting in need of an overhaul? With our busy lives playing phone tag is normal now, and your personal voicemail greeting is the first impression -- and sometimes the daily impression -- you're leaving with people. Your voice mail message is key to using technology as your dating ally. Being a voice actress working with my voice I can personally attest to the fact that how you SOUND is JUST as important as how you look -- and sometimes more so. Listen to your voice mail greeting the next time you're at your answering machine or logged into your cell voicemail.

Check for the following things:
-- Do I have background noise, music or other cute effects on my greeting?
-- Remove them promptly and re-record.
-- Do I have mess ups of flubs on my recording?

Again RE-RECORD but do it IMMEDIATELY. Nothing says dating disaster than an answering machine message with stutters, vocal mishaps like coughs and sneezes or cracked voices or presentation mistakes...we've all heard them and now it's time to eliminate these dating clunkers.

Also do yourself a favor and make sure that how you sound on the phone is really consistent with the image you want to present. Add some warmth and excitement into your voice like you're actually happy to take a call or hear from someone. Or at least give that impression. And make sure your greeting is short and to the point. No one wants to sit through a saga. Fun, happy and on the run must become your motto. Let that motto shine thru in your voice. Same thing with your attitude in person. Let the fun come out. Laugh and let the laugh out.

We all need to loosen up a little in order to get our groove on because no one likes rotten attitudes and a stinkin' look on our face. Smile, be proud to be the eligible, hot stuff that you are and people will acknowledge, recognize and reflect it back to you. Getting your groove on is letting the world know you've got it goin' on and anyone would be lucky to be in your presence. So go out and get 'em -- starting with your voice!