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Improve Parent Teacher Relationships

Improve Parent Teacher Relationships

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Have you had some difficult moments working with your child’s teacher or school in the past? If so, let it be a part of your past. Here are some ways you can prepare yourself and your child for a smoother relationship with school for today and tomorrow. Make it apparent to both your child and his teacher that you intend to be a co-partner in  promoting his education.

 9 Ways to reinforce positive behavior in home and school

1.     Obtain and read a copy of the school behavior code with your child. Obtain and read a copy of the teacher's classroom rules. Discuss them with your child as well as the consequences of infractions.

2.     Work with your child to establish home rules aligned with the school rules. Keep them short, simple and easily enforced.

3.     Be consistent and fair. Give immediate consequences, preferably after discussion with your child.

4.     Promote his/her independence and responsibility by encouraging his/her involvement in rule making and consequence determination.

5.     Maintain your sense of humor.

6.     Listen to your child's complaints and suggestions. Be objective in discussing them. Try to act upon those with merit.

7.     If there is a difficulty at school:  First collect information from your child.  Next call the adult involved and listen to the school view.  Attempt to reinforce the school code. Try not to bad-mouth the school/teacher. Most children immediately sense disharmony and use it to undermine efforts for a unified effort at discipline.

 8.     If you disagree with the school/teacher consequence, arrange a conference to discuss your views in an objective manner. Be specific. Be open to alternative views.

 9.     If you have serious concerns about the disciplinary environment in the school, arrange to "visit" for a day. Note your concerns prior to scheduling a meeting with the appropriate school personnel.  Keep the focus on your child’s safety and positive development of social behavior.