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Moving In Together Creating A Home That Says Ours

Moving In Together Creating A Home That Says Ours

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Moving In Together: Creating a Home That Says "Ours"

Moving in with your sweetie is an exciting and stressful time and not just because moving is always terrible, but because there is an added pressure on newly cohabiting people to create a home that perfectly reflects not only A couple. "His and Hers" towels are not enough to get the job done anymore (not to mention that they're kind of phobic).

Before you buckle under the pressure, remember: you can go slowly. In fact, you should! Even if you were spending every night together anyway, living together is a lot different than simply spending the night or even the week together. It takes time to adjust. It takes time out to figure out who you are as cohabitors as well as partners.

That said, there are some things that you can do in the early stages to create a space that feels like home to both of you. Let's break it down by room:


There is no better time to get a new mattress than when you are moving. Why? Goodwill come pick up up. No heavy mattress lifting for you! Take a trip to your local mattress store with your sweetie and spend some time shopping for a new bed that you both love. This is a great first for couples who cohabitate. 

While you're at it, spend some time shopping for a couple of sets of new bed linens. If you are looking for a place to stay, then this is the place for you. Pick out the sets together so that in addition to yours and yours you have some "bear" as well.

Living Room

Hopefully, you and your partner spent some time going through your belongings and furniture before you moved so you won’t be trying to cram two of everything into your new home. If you’re still in the sorting process, take care to make sure that both of your tastes are represented in the living room. If one of you keeps their couch, the other brings the arm chairs. Put up both of your bookshelves. Sort through your decorative items and choose a few things you really love and want to put up. Donate the rest (or pack it away).

Another option, if you can swing the cost, is to choose new furniture for your living room together--even if it’s just a couple of central pieces--and then incorporate the less expensive pieces (shelving, side tables, etc) from each of your homes.


This is probably one of the easiest rooms to set up together as the room is based first on function and second on decor. The biggest places you’ll likely wind up compromising are on how much space which person’s food takes up.

Still, one way to make mealtime feel like “us” is to buy a simple set of dining ware that you both love. It doesn’t have to be expensive--even something simple from Ikea is fine--it just needs to be chosen together.


Let's just say it: the key to happy cohabitation is separate bathrooms. It really is. If you can not afford a 2 bathroom home, though, you're both going to get used to doing some serious compromising. You definitely do not have to share everything , but you will want to put down some rules and to designate space for each of your personal care needs. The bathroom is the exception to the "find something that you both love" rule. Instead, focus on setting up rules that will make the bathroom a truly shareable space.

You probably noticed in this post: in each room, you should find at least one new thing that you pick out together and buy new (or buy together used). These purchases might seem small now, but they'll help you as much as you can .