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Relationship Advice 6 Tips To Approachability

Relationship Advice 6 Tips To Approachability

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If your dating life has got to "get a life" then you need to ask  
yourself how approachable you are.  Most of us tend not to "go  
there"; we'd rather blame our lack of dates on other things like  
our breast size or genital size, our weight and our busy schedules.  
Rarely, if ever, do we think that we could actually be giving off  
"do not approach me" vibes. Yes it's true that it happens and yes  
its true that these vibes repel potential suitors. So knowing that  
I've developed a checklist of things to look out for and ways to be  
more approachable. By using this checklist you can go from being  
closed to be being open for business to date.

*6 Tips to Being More Approachable

1. Do you smile easily?
If you are not big into smiling now's your chance to practice. 
Don't like your smile? Get used to it or get some white strips and  
perk up those pearly whites. Smiling is first and foremost the key  
to being approachable. People like friendly people so the more you  
smile the more comfortable people feel around you and the more  
easily they can approach you.
2. Are you friendly?
The last thing another person wants to do is talk to an ice  
princess or an ice prince. Do you welcome people's advances and  
genuinely want to talk to new people? If not, then you are missing  
out on some great prospects. And who knows, that new person you  
meet might want to hook you up. So suck it up make some  
conversation and act like you're happy to make their acquaintance.
3. Do you make friends easily?
This too is important to take a look at because if you're someone  
that has a tough shell to crack then you may not be as approachable  
as you think. Part of being approachable and wanting to make new  
connections is the willingness to share things about yourself.  
Opening yourself up and revealing your true character and  
personality is important because no one wants to date a phony. So  
let people into your world and they'll do the same for you.
4. Are you happy?
Yes we all have our moments (and weeks and years!) but genuinely do  
you consider yourself to be a happy person with a positive outlook  
and expectations? We all flow energy so the goal is to be flowing  
more positive energy then negative energy because people are  
attracted to happy positive people. If you think your dating life  
sucks and all the men and women out there are losers and you're  
never going to find anyone and end up alone forever well then  
you're not flowin' happy energy. So the best way to start flowing  
better energy is to say to yourself something like "what a great  
night. Look at all the people. I am so happy that I got myself out  
tonight to be around some new people. Who knows who I'll meet..."   
This type of talk sets up an excitement, a feeling of positive  
expectation which is just the type of mindset you want to be  
cultivating. It's the mindset that attracts the people and the new  
5. Are you open to going out on dates?
If you are going to turn down every guy or girl that asks you out 
well then you are just not that approachable. Time to re-evaluate 
why you are wanting to make yourself more approachable the major 
reason being to go out on more dates. So follow thru and be open and willing to go out on a first date or two and then see how you're liking your prospect. Chances are you'll actually feel better that you're getting asked out which will boost your attitude and make you more attractive to others so it's a win-win all around.
6. Is your body language saying you're approachable?
Ok you've got the smiling down, you're friendly, you make conversation, you're genuinely interested, you're flowin' good energy and are open to dates but what is your body saying? If your arms and legs are crossed - uncross them. Appear more open!"