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Relationship Advice Begin Dating In Style

Relationship Advice Begin Dating In Style

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What's the best way to make your life easier? Instead of a new year's assessment. Take your dating life. What transpired, with whom and what you would like to see happen differently this year? Lots of times we end up running around in a whirlwind of dating desires. Rarely do we ever stop to look at what was really accomplished, what was really effective, and what was really working.

Taking stock of your dating experiences also gives you a sense of clarity as to the types of men or women you were drawn to, the way you treated, and the overall success of the relationship.

Reviewing your personal inventory also gives you insight into the person you are and the person you would like to be. Rarely, if ever, situations change for the better until we change. It's like we keep attracting the same types of people over and over again into our lives. Yes, each new prospect looks different but their behaviors and fundamental ways of being inherently the same.

While we are taking stock we also take stock in our downfalls. Do you know those annoying little clothes and needy behaviors that keep us from being our best selves?

Finally take a look at your physical self. Check out your body and your presentation. What can you do better?

Make yourself a more attractive package by really getting into what you would like to change if you could and then go out and make some changes.

A useful and fun exercise is to ask others what they think of your appearance and what they would do to make your appearance more appealing. Maybe changing your hairstyle, cut or color. Possibly getting contacts, glasses or new shades for when you are out and about. How about a more flattering figure or colors that better enhance your overall coloring? How about improving your skin tone and makeup? Maybe toning down your look or ramping up your look.

Another thing to consider are your manners and mannerisms. Are you into profanity? It may be time to clean up your act ... for good.

Whatever it is that you feel is important to focus on by all means go for it. Starting fresh is encouraging and rejuvinating. It may be just the jump you need to take your dating life to the next level.