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Seduction Tips For Men 5 Techniques For Giving Her Pleasure

Seduction Tips For Men 5 Techniques For Giving Her Pleasure

By Sex Therapist, Dr. Diana Wiley View more articles

What are the top five techniques a man can use with his female partner that will help him give her an unforgettable orgasm?

Part of the know-how is reading the other person's responses and knowing what to do and what not to do. Some techniques will work, and some won't work, but if they don't work, don't write them off until you're sure it's preference and not inexperience which makes them fail. Sometimes practice makes perfect!

Five Techniques

1. KISS: Actor Kevin Costner said in his starring role in the film Bull Durham, that he believed in  slow, wet kisses that last two days. He was definitely on track to please a woman. Kiss every part of your partner's body -- except her mouth. Try slow, teasing kisses with and without nibbling. Remember to have soft lips at all times. Experiment with different flavors (candy, fruit) and temperatures (ice, hot tea) alternating with your kisses. This is just one part of foreplay which is essential to excite the senses and bring your partner to a mind-blowing female orgasm!

2. VAGINAL MASSAGE: A man can spend a long time caressing and stimulating his lover's clitoris without conveying any need for penetration. If you need to, use a store bought lubrication like Astroglide. When she is very aroused, you can penetrate her vagina with your fingers. Very slowly, you can circle with your fingertips, gradually going deeper. You may get to her G-spot. If she tenses, remind her to breathe deeply and relax. Finally, you may want to penetrate her from behind, allowing your penis to touch the G-spot again, and using a finger to caress her clitoris.

3. WOMAN ON TOP: When she is on top she has the power, and is free to move. She can lean back, or she can sit upright, or she can lean forward. This allows her freedom to shift the angle of penis penetration to touch all the right points inside her. Plus, in this position, she can stimulate her own clitoris.

4. MAN STANDING: This is one of the best positions to make contact with the G-spot. The woman lies on her back on a table and the man stands between her thighs. She spreads her legs, brings her vulva to the edge of the table, and rests the back of her thighs against his torso. Raising her legs, she hooks her knee-pits over his shoulders, giving her leverage to move her pelvis up and down thereby adjusting the position of his penis inside her. The man alternates between shallow and deep strokes.

5. ORAL LOVING: Become a cunning linguist! Most women love oral sex and many men have not learned to do it well. If you are an oral sex artist, chances are you will own her soul! Ask her what kind of lip, tongue, and sucking she likes. As it turns out, men don't just perform oral sex for their partner's pleasure. It is my observation that man men in the top economic bracket are the ones who perform oral sex on a regular basis. Now there's grounds for an interesting study!

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