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Tips On Kissing

Tips On Kissing

By Sex Therapist, Dr. Diana Wiley View more articles

February is the month of Romance, with Valentine's Day right in the middle, and clearly, kissing is the essence of romance.

Hugging mingles joyfully with kissing. Years ago Ann Landers shocked everyone when she reported on a large survey of American women, asked what they would choose if they were offered sex or a cuddle. Millions desperately wanted to cuddle!

Remember that women want to be caressed, hugged and kissed a lot more often than many men believe. Don't neglect the art of making out! In too many long-term relationships, kissing is totally neglected.

Be a good kisser! Soft kissing is lovely, while too much tongue can be a turn-off. A proper kiss should be rife with sensitivity and very playful in its sensuality. The tongue should be operated sparingly but with vigor.

To inspire: "I feel like necking and petting...make your lips soft for me. May we pretend we're teenagers?"

Creative kissing: Kiss the corners of her mouth; kiss her fingers, licking between each finger; kiss her neck, earlobes (biting gently), eyelids, kiss the bottoms of her feet, massaging her feet and ankles and sucking her toes.

Most of us adore being kissed, nibbled, and nuzzled! Be sure and have good breath, be clean, and go slowly. It is a happy day if you can honestly say, "I need to kiss you a lot...I want to kiss you all over. We have so much time...I won't go away. Kissing you like this makes me unbelievably hot...Come here. I want to feel you next to me. You have the best mouth!"

It is true: three out of four women think kissing is more intimate than having sex. Yes, kissing for many women is not foreplay, it's the best sexual play! This is accurate, according to an Internet survey of 100,000 kissers.

Yes, a kiss is lip service to love...because that contraction of the mouth may be due to an enlargement of the heart! DO IT! (And, here's to a most romantic Valentine's Day!).

Dr. Diana Wiley, has been a Board-Certified Sex Therapist, diplomat of the American Board of Sexology, a clinical Sexologist, and a licensed marriage and family therapist for over 20 years. Her extensive professional experience and views on sex and the erotic make her a true sex guru and evangelist, and her versatility and breadth of expertise have brought with them numerous spots on national television and radio programs—including her own popular broadcast, Live With Dr. Diana. She can be reached at

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