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10 Signs She's About To Dump You

10 Signs She's About To Dump You

10 Signs She's About To Dump You

Is She About to Breakup With Me?

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

How do you know when a girl is getting ready to breakup with you?  Are there any clues or signs to look for?

Clue Seeker


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Clue Seeker:

You bet there a some clues you can look for.  Here they are: 

10 Signs She's About To Dump You

1. She's busy. A lot. You used to be a priority with her, and now you're not. She's off doing other things when she used to make spending time with you important.

2. She doesn't return your calls the way she used to -- or at all. The big difference you'll notice is a change. Any change. It doesn't have to be a cold turkey change -- just a change in the frequency with which she returns your calls and/or the time between your call and her return call.

3. Her tone changes. You know what I mean, but you can't always articulate it. She's got a more critical eye or a more objective tone when she used to be enthusiastic and optimistic.

4. She starts noticing the differences between the two of you when she used to notice the compatibilities.

5. You notice her admiring other couples, wistfully. Then she turns back to you and sighs.

6. You notice her admiring other men, lustfully.

7. She starts making other changes in her life. It may be her job, her friends, her clothes -- keep your eyes peeled for changes. They usually indicate more changes to come.

8. She goes out, socially, without you (more than she used to). If she's not acting like she's part of a couple, then she doesn't want to be part of a couple.

9. She attends family functions without you, when she used to bring you to them all the time. This is not a good sign for the future of the relationship.

10. "We have to talk." The line that means we have to talk -- for the last time. If she tries to make an appointment to sit down with you and talk, brace yourself.