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20 Great Places to Meet Singles

20 Great  Places to Meet Singles

20 Great Places to Meet Singles

Places Singles Can Meet Other Singles...And Not One of Them is a Bar!

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

I'm single and so sick of it! I go out to a lot of bars and meet seemingly attractive and great women, but then when we actually go on a date, they're completely different than how they were out partying and all dressed up at the bar. Where can I go to meet women who aren't all spiffed up for a night on the town only to be a disappointment in the daylight?

Sincerely, Singles Please


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Singles Please,

The best places to meet other singles are by doing what you like to do, and living your life well. It sounds corny, but it's true. If all you do is work and stay in the house, your options of meeting people are limited. But if you have interests that you pursue -- like traveling, volunteering, practicing a hobby like collecting or river rafting -- even if you're a good aunt or uncle and take your niece or nephew to the playground or to one of those indoor gym clubs for kids-- you're sure to strike up a conversation with someone interesting who sees that you have that glow that shows you're taking care of yourself -- your body and your soul by looking good and living well.

Things that you do every day but don't pick your head up to look around, may be breeding grounds for Mr. or Ms. Right. Like what?

How about:

  • The car wash
  • The dry cleaners
  • The bookstore
  • The health food store
  • The post office if you live in a small town
  • The beach, the pool, the park
  • The electronics and hardware stores -- ladies, then enroll in golf or kayaking class!
  • The boutique shoe stores and specialty/gourmet cooking stores -- guys, then sign up for a dance class! 

Any of these places that you would go if you had a boyfriend or girlfriend or not -- are the places you'll be most prone to meet someone. In fact, they're better than bars because you get to see the other person in his or her everyday gear -- not all spiffed up for action.

And then there are those seek out and find venues:

If none of the above works and you have to put a little elbow grease into your hunt for love, try these summer sizzlers:

  • The ice cream or frozen yogurt parlor
  • Take your nephew to the water park
  • The air-conditioned art museum on a sizzling hot day
  • Summer school -- regardless of your age
  • Self-help Seminars
  • Dance Class (full of women -- short on men) 
  • A Women's Boutique Shoe Store (ask a woman you want to meet for her opinion on a pair of shoes for "your mother" or "your sister"
  • Foreign Language classes
  • Travel groups -- to Europe, river rafting, or wine tasting and gourmand journeys

And my personal favorite ... fund-raising ventures for your favorite political party or action or charity.