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4 Good Reasons To Have A Weekend Wedding, Even If It's A Holiday Weekend

4 Good Reasons To Have A Weekend Wedding, Even If It's A Holiday Weekend

4 Good Reasons To Have A Weekend Wedding, Even If It's A Holiday Weekend

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

I was all excited about planning my wedding until a friend of mine pointed out that the date my boyfriend and I picked fell on a holiday weekend. I realize that there is some downside to a holiday weekend wedding, but do you think it’s necessary for us to change the date? Or do you think that there are enough positives to outweigh the negatives?

Weekend Bride


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Weekend Bride:

Don't change your wedding date! I repeat don't change your wedding date.

Here Are 4 Upside Reasons To Have A Holiday Weekend Wedding.

  1. Kindness to guests. Out of town guests often come across the country or half the country for a wedding, and a holiday weekend is a nice way for them to not “eat and run.” They take time off from work, board their dogs, get someone to water their plants and pick up their mail, pack their suitcases, buy a plane ticket, book a local hotel, get a rental car or a cab. Although the wedding may be a good six to eight hour affair, it’s a drop in the bucket of the time they invested in getting to you. Giving them a whole weekend is a nice return on their travel investment.
  2. Better chance to circulate. Big weddings – or any wedding with 100 people or more – are difficult to really host because at most, the bride and groom only get twenty minutes per guest – if that. A weekend wedding allows more of a chance to visit at different times during the Friday to Sunday, or whenever, celebration.
  3. Less pressure. Weekend weddings can allow an easing up of the pressure to present a picture perfect event. Knowing that there is a Friday night rehearsal dinner, a Saturday morning affair, a Saturday night wedding and a Sunday affair, means that there are lots of opportunities to get your hair right, have the photographer show up, have all the cousins present, allow for more than one opportunity for everyone to be there when taking into account any late flights or car trouble that kept other guests from arriving to any of the events on time. With several events instead of just one, you take all the pressure off of a Saturday night wedding and get a little breathing room.
  4. Give a holiday a new spin. Face it. Holiday celebrations can get stuck in the mud after a decade of the same old, same old Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas. Why not get out of the rut and let go of the old holiday has been routine? Let a wedding dictate your holiday weekend this year. You can always get back to the same old, same old next year – if you still want to.