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7 Tips to Make Your Valentine's Day Date a Night of Romance to Remember

7 Tips to Make Your Valentine's Day Date a Night of Romance to Remember

7 Tips to Make Your Valentine's Day Date a Night of Romance to Remember

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

Please help me make this Valentine’s Day at a restaurant with my honey more exciting than just any other night out to eat. Do you have any advice or tips on how I can make this Valentine's Day one to really remember throughout our relationship?

Ho Hum Restaurant Blues


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Ho Hum Restaurant Blues:

Valentine's Day carries all the emotional weight of New Year's Eve -- if you do have plans, you hope they will live up to your expectations -- and if you don't have plans, get on board the anxiety train! The reason for all this is expectations. Valentine’s Day is one of the holidays that most everyone celebrates and that means there is a lot of celebration and anticipation of Valentine’s Day everywhere you turn – from greeting card stores with tiers of Valentine’s Day cards, to schools and banks and hospitals with Valentine’s Day decorations, to bakeries and candy stores and florist shops with Valentine’s Day gifts for sale.

It’s easy to see why a night at a restaurant can become yet another way to spend Valentine’s Day, and how it can become (yawwwwn) ho-hum. But that doesn’t mean you have to let it! The ho-hum part of a night out to dinner with your Valentine can be your choice – to let dinner drag or pep it up -- and if your choice is to banish the ho hums from Valentine’s day at a restaurant, and make it a special night.
Dinner is one of the most intimate acts two people can commit! Yup – you heard right. Dining together can be intimate, sexy and special. If you let it be. Dining out is something almost everyone likes to do and that’s why it’s the Valentine’s Day activity of choice. It's easy to do and arrange. Everyone has to eat, so why not dinner? And it doesn't carry all the anxiety of a detail driven night of romance with multiple venues.

7 Secrets to a Romantic Restaurant Night on Valentine’s Day:

  1. Book it. If you're the host for the evening, make sure you get your reservations at the restaurant of your choice WAY in advance. Valentine's Day is a very popular night for restaurants. Unless you want to be stuck with dinner for two at 11 p.m., book at least a week in advance. Be sure to mention that this is a special night and you would want a great table. If you frequent the restaurant and have a favorite table or area of the restaurant, request it in advance. If you want to cut your odds of being placed by the kitchen, tell the person taking your reservations that you don't want to be stuck by the kitchen! If you don’t ask for it, you won’t even stand a chance of getting it, so ask for what you want.
  2. Preen. After you let your date know where you're having dinner -- or if you want it to be a surprise, at least let them know if it's going to be a casual dinner or a formal dinner, just so they know how to dress – allow yourself the time to prepare for the dinner. To feel special, treat yourself specially. Start shopping for something great to wear, well in advance. Schedule a hair salon appointment for the day before or the day of the dinner. Make sure you're waxed and mani-pedi'ed. Don’t do it last minute – enjoy the process. If you want to hire a makeup artist for the night, why not now? And if you never have, do it now. Ask your hair dresser to recommend someone that they work with. You can make your preparation as special as you'd like from getting a massage to acupuncture treatments to enhance your romantic senses!
  3. Dress. Do choose your outfit ahead of time. Don't wait until the last minute to throw something together. Choose something with some red or pink in it to celebrate the holiday. Even if you think it's corny, you'll feel like you're in the swing of things. Don’t turn yourself into a walking Valentine with head to toe Valentine’s Day themed clothing and accessories, but do wear something festive.
  4. Gift your date. Bring a little gift (or a big one) to give your date at the restaurant. Not only is this thoughtful, it makes the evening eventful, gives it a little panache and enhances any romantic feelings you have. Some ideas that he or she will love include books, jewelry, perfume, tickets or reservations and music. Either give a gift that is personal and meaningful, or give something that is in the spirit of the holiday. You can’t go wrong with good chocolates and roses. You can go wrong with a random CD or a technology device that just isn’t romantic or meaningful.
  5. Don't talk shop. Be conscious of what conversation topics make you feel relaxed and which ones make you tense. Avoid the tension teeming topics. If your date brings one up, simply say, "Can we not talk about that now? It doesn't make me feel very romantic. I'd rather talk about you (or us)." Remember that you want tonight to feel fresh. Don’t bring up the same old, same old. If you have news that you were going to call and tell your date about during the day, employ some restraint and save the news to talk about over dinner.
  6. Order well. Don't get the same old same old food. No burgers tonight. Order something special that you don't usually eat. Whether it's champagne, oysters, sushi, risotto or fabulous French food -- make everything about the night unique -- including your order. If you’ve never had Indian food or Vietnamese food, make Valentine’s Day night the night you try it! Something new will inject your night with excitement.
  7. It's all about them. If you've been with your partner for a long time, it's easy to get into a groove (or a rut, depending on you). Make sure you focus your attention on your partner. Be conscious of asking or doing things to them that you don't usually do. If you’re not a touchy feely person, try it tonight. If you are a touchy feely person, don’t touch or feel, but do flash a glimpse of some fabulous new lingerie beneath your clothing, at dinner. You’ll convey the exact same emotions as you would have by touching and feeling – and more!