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Advice On Conquering Shyness

Advice On Conquering Shyness

Advice On Conquering Shyness

4 Tips that Will Help You Overcome Shyness and Be Perceived as Outgoing

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

I'm a college student who is overwhelmingly shy. I feel like it's impeding my ability to make friends. I'm so uncomfortable starting up a conversation with people that I don't know, but of course, being new at school, I don't know anyone! I've met a few girls on my hall, but it's impossible for me to meet guys.

How can I overcome this?
Sincerely, Shy Student     


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Shy Student,

Saying hello is not just the way to get over shyness. It's an aphrodisiac. It gets your confidence rumbling, and makes you more attractive and open to other people. I'm not saying that everyone who says hello is going to be deluged with dates, but as a relationship expert, saying hello is one of the first steps to getting a date!

Why you should say hello:


-- First, even though it is simplistic, your assignment is to smile and say “hi,” to every man or woman you see. Now the key to this is when I say “every man or woman,” I really mean every man or woman, not just the sexy ones.


There’s a method to the madness—you cannot single out the attractive ones or the young ones. The goal here is to say “Hi!” to all of them. I’m very serious.

-- Second, establish a weekly, as well as a weekend, pattern that requires you to frequent the same locales around the same times each day.

-- Third, after you’ve seen the same man or woman (again, regardless of what he or she looks like) a few times, I want you to not just smile and say “Hi!” I want you to wink at him or her, too.

-- Fourth, whenever you’re in your car, your assignment is to smile, wink, and/or wave at men or women in other cars. It is non-threatening, sexy, and most men and women love attention!

If you really follow through and take these four steps, after a short three to four weeks, you will be amazed at what happens. Not only will you have made a lot of “less desirable” men's and women’s day, but you also will have become much more comfortable and confident greeting and initiating contact with the sexy, hot men and women, too.  I bet you’ll also discover men and women will have begun initiating contact with you. And remember those less desirable men and women you charmed? It’s likely that some of them will start telling you about this “attractive friend” they have, too!

For more tips on dating and meeting great men, check out my book, Think and Date Like a Man