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Advice On Dating Sugar Daddies

Advice On Dating Sugar Daddies

Advice On Dating Sugar Daddies

The Pros And Cons Of Having A Sugar Daddy (Or Mamma!)

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

I just met a man who is significantly older than me--and rich! I'm so sick of dating dead-end, going nowhere men who have nothing to offer me, so this man is very attractive to me right now. The problem is, a lot of my friends are saying I only want him so he can be my sugar daddy and that I don't even know him well enough to know that I like him. Seriously though, are there any cons to having a sugar daddy? 

Sincerely, Gimme Some Sugar


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Gimme Some Sugar,

A sugar daddy is a term that is a little bit dated, but, basically, it refers to a man who is usually older than the woman he's with, and he's very wealthy and lavishes her with gifts and money. This could also be the description of a good husband. The reason the term is dated is because age and money are no longer such a big deal -- and lots of men have "sugar mammas."

Pros of having a sugar:

* It's nice to be with someone who is financially secure. It takes a possible stress out of the relationship.
* It's nice to be with someone who's generous. If he or she is generous with gifts and money, they're probably generous in other ways, too.

* You have an opportunity to do things that you wouldn't have with someone who is not wealthy. You can travel and see certain areas of society because of the wealth.

Cons of having a sugar:
* What's in it for your sugar? Is he or she only in it because you're youthful and he or she feels that the only way he can have you is by lavishing you with money? If your sugar was poor, would you still be with them? That's got to be running through his mind.

* Is he expecting certain behavior in return? Does he not want you to work? A sugar may have control issues and is using the money to control you.

* A sugar may be susceptible to others like you. Does he have more than one honey?

* Just because he's wealthy doesn't mean he's nice -- or good in bed -- or interested in marrying you.