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Are You Ready for A Spring Fling ?

Are You Ready for A Spring Fling ?

Are You Ready for A Spring Fling ?

10 Tips for Finding A Spring Fling (or more!)

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

I live in New England and when winter hits, I couldn't feel any less sexy. With dry skin, flat hair, and hundreds of layers hiding my body, winter is not a time to date. But now that spring has arrived, I literally feel like a brand new woman -- a sexy woman! Do you have any dating tips on what I can do to capitalize on the season for that potential fling?

Sincerely,  Spring Fling 


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Spring Fling,

Anyone familiar with SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, knows that spring fever isn’t just a catchy phrase. Seasons can cause depression, especially times of less light as opposed to those times with more light. Following that idea, sadness in winter, followed by joy in spring, makes a lot of sense.

Everyone feels happier when temperatures ease from chilly winter weather to more comfortable spring air, and clothes can be shed in favor of fewer layers. There is a natural feeling of lightness as we shed clothing and feel the sun's warmth for the first time in months.

It is natural to want to express that happiness in kindness and love. So while it is probably not a hormone trigger that makes love bloom, light does affect emotions of the heart. 

Spring into action and find spring love -- or just a spring fling! 

  1. Get outside. It's finally nice outside. Take your laptop to the park or beach -- or take your frisbee. Showing up is half the battle to meeting someone great.
  2. Spring cleaning isn't just for closets. Give yourself a spring makeover in the form of a great new haircut and a manicure/pedicure with lighter colors than the winter's called for. And while you're out there, chat up the cute client in the next salon chair! 
  3. Is there a hottie on the next beach blanket? Ask to borrow some sunscreen -- or better yet, offer up some of yours. What better way to meet someone than watching his or her back -- literally! 
  4. Barbecue. Throw a block party and meet your cute neighbors. Or better yet, help organize one so that you can delegate responsibility and get to know your neighbors -- especially the single ones -- in the meantime.
  5. Take it outside. That indoor yoga or spinning class is great, but take it outside for Spring. Join a tai chi class or a boot camp seminar that takes advantage of outdoor weather and check out the new environment -- the trees -- and the other participants in the class!
  6. Lemonade stand sponsor. Make it a point to stop at every lemonade stand that cute kids are running, and hang out for 10 minutes while you sip and chat. Who can resist an adult who buys lemonade from kids? You'll be out there, hydrating, and available! 
  7. Lunch outdoors. Forget about eating at your desk at work. Take your lunch -- or your lunch break, and go outside. You'll soak up the rays and make yourself available to anyone interested -- and if you frequent the same park bench semi-regularly, you'll be able to keep your eye out for anyone interesting yourself!
  8. Bathing suit help. Ask the cute guy or gal how you look in the swimsuit you're trying on and thinking of buying. Ask if it's flattering, and if it's too tight or too big. What better way to flirt and get a second opinion on one of life's most crucial purchases?
  9. Re-do your internet dating profile photos with outdoor spring photos of you surfing, gardening, or just looking cute in your summer duds. Nothing says "not that interested" more than a Christmas photo on your profile during the spring and summer months. Yawn.
  10. Wash your car! Yes, a car wash is the easiest way to get the car clean, but washing your car out front on the street will definitely get your neighbors' attention. Especially if you have a cute pair of shorts on, and a hot car. Or a hot pair of shorts on and a cute car. Besides -- you can always ask passersby for help!