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Basic Wardrobe Tips for Women

Basic Wardrobe Tips for Women

Basic Wardrobe Tips for Women

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

I hate shopping! The only problem is, I've been going on a lot of dates and job interviews lately, and I constantly feel like I have nothing to wear. All of my clothes feel so out of date and unprofessional. Do you have any advice on how I can update my wardrobe and always have something appropriate to wear ... without spending all day at the mall and my entire life's savings?
Appalled by the Mall


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Appalled by the Mall,

It's true-- some women could spend an entire day at the mall, and others want to zip in, grab what they need, and get out. But that's difficult to do if you don't know what you need. I give a lot of great advice in my book, Think & Date Like A Man; check it out and you'll know exactly how to stock your closet.

Here are some items that you shouldn't be without:

Scarves – Keep and build a collection of scarves that range from silk to mohair to cashmere to bandanas, so that you have them for all occasions, and can just grab one from your scarf drawer.
Basic clothes in a popular price range that give wide possibility for individuality.
Start by thinking about styles that are simple, exciting but understated, that fit into your life and that you can make truly your own by the way you accessorize them. This calls for dresses and suits that are classically cut, with unbroken, uncluttered lines-clothes which challenge your imagination to add your own kind of special touches: a scarf tied at the side of a round neckline, arresting jewelry and color-complementary shoes and bags.
Basic clothing must fit into your life because it can be dressed up or down, and because it automatically sees you through a day that begins with shopping and ends with cocktails.

A non-fussy, gadget-free wardrobe is the golden rule to live, shop and dress by. This may seem to be another way of saying what I’ve just said, but there are women who are seduced by dresses decorated with rhinestones, sequins, bows, feathers, or heaven-knows-what. Millions of those plastic pocketbooks with gaudy appliques have been sold. There are hats that look like a double banana split and which the women who buy them often wear with heavy doses of make-up, jewelry, and furs. My advice in such cases: PLEASE, ladies, don’t compete with the circus. No man wants to date a fashion don’t.

Also, if your boyfriend needs some style help too, have him check out (or check it out for him!) my other book, Date Out Of Your League, which is full of great advice for making fashion choices.