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Best Pick Up Lines and Conversation Starters

Best Pick Up Lines and Conversation Starters

Best Pick Up Lines and Conversation Starters

Tips On How To Use Reading Materials to Successfully Strike Up Conversations

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

I am recently divorced and just starting to get out and try to meet women and start dating. The problem is, once I finally meet a woman I feel like I have potential with, I can never think of things to talk about. I've been married before so you wouldn't think I'd have this problem with dating. Do you have any tips or advice on where I can meet women? And once I do meet them, how I can quickly think up conversation topics so that the meeting could lead to a date?

Sincerely,  Uhhh Uhhh


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Uhhh Uhhhh, 

The truth is, divorced men can meet women to date just about anywhere. 

The key question is: how does a man approach a woman and successfully strike up a conversation? 

Answer: My #1 tip for meeting a woman and striking up a conversation with her is -- ask her opinion!  This approach works no matter where you are, and on nearly any topic.  Women love it when you are interested in what she thinks.   It pays to stay up to date on the news -- and even the tabloid gossip. Most women love gossip, and if you know a little -- but not too much to be suspiciously soap-opera audience material -- she'll love talking to you. 

If you want to make striking up a conversation even easier, my advice to you is to carry a couple of newspaper/magazine/book props.

First, decide what kind of image you want to project:

  • Time magazine projects a different image than someone reading Details or Esquire magazine.
  • The Robb Report is for a guy on his way up the ladder -- way up the ladder.
  • People magazine or a tabloid invites gossip talk about who's the real father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby or should Britney lose her kids?
  •  Ayn Rand is going to pull in the poet, philosopher woman, and a political autobiography speaks worldly, smart, and current.

Or better yet, bring two entirely different magazines or books and ask her, I'm torn -- which do you think I should start reading? This one or this one?

Once you manage to score a date (I know you can do it!), check out my dating book, Ideas for a Fun Date, for some fabulous first date ideas.