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Etiquette Tips - Chopstick Or Fork?

Etiquette Tips - Chopstick Or Fork?

Etiquette Tips - Chopstick Or Fork?

Advice On When To Use What Utensil

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

I am Asian and my family eats most every meal with chopsticks. However, I realize that many Americans do not use chopsticks and that they're not always appropriate. When is it OK to use chopsticks and when should I use a fork?
Utensil Confused


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Utensil Confused,

There are many foods that chopsticks are not appropriate for, though they do look nice and sophisticated.

Chopsticks or Fork?
The soup factor -- Ixnay on both chopsticks and forks. The one thing forks and chopsticks have in common is that they're both lousy utensils to use for soup.
The stab it factor -- Forks win by a tine. Chopsticks are too squared at the end to do any real stabbing so if you need to stab it, reach for the fork.
Scoop it -- Forks have the shovel effect where chopsticks don't really work as scoopers at all.
Charm -- Hands down chopsticks win out over the pedestrian fork. Anyone who can handle a pair of chopsticks has the dexterity to handle other things with equal finesse.

What your choice of utensil says about your bedroom style:
Sex with a chopstick user -- Be prepared for adventure and expertise
Sex with a fork user -- If you like it rough and you like it missionary style, fork it over to this eater.