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Find Out What His Shoes Reveal About His Dating Style

Find Out What His Shoes Reveal About His Dating Style

Find Out What His Shoes Reveal About His Dating Style

Birkenstocks? Loafers? Sneakers? Leather Shoes? Dating Tips on What Your Man's Shoes Say About Him

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

I always thought I could tell a man by the clothes he wears but my girlfriends say that's like so 2006! Can I really tell a lot about a man I'm dating by his shoes? And if that's the case -- please elaborate! I'm going on a date with this cute guy I really like and I want to know more about him! And I used to think it was the clothes that made the man...guess I'm wrong, huh? Do you have any advice on what the shoes he wears say about a guy?

Sincerely,  If The Shoe Fits


April Masini's Advice :

Dear If The Shoe Fits,

Your girlfriends are right; this year, it's all about the shoes, baby!

You need to be a shoe-in with your boyfriend! Step to the beat of his feet.

What his shoes mean:

  • A man who wears sneakers is athletic and likes to take care of his body. If he has a wardrobe of sneakers – for different sports and casual wear sneakers, you can tell that he has lots of interests and he’s the kind of guy who likes to have the right shoes for the right sport or occasion. Lots of professional athletes and celebs who hang with the pro athletes wear these shoes – in fact, many of them like David Beckham and Michael Jordan, as well as up and comers, design their own shoes.

    What this says about their dating style is that they’ll be versatile – they’ll want to take you to the movies one night, go hiking another day and dance the night away on an entirely different occasion. These guys will want to be with women who have energy and a lust for life – all different kinds of life. Make sure your dating duds include a Juicy sweat suit and other clothes to show off your in shape bod, which he’ll appreciate, because he’ll have one, too!
  • A man who wears earthy Birkenstock shoes or European clogs and sandals marches to the beat of his own drummer, and won’t care what anyone else says or tells him to do. He’s an individualist, and he doesn’t “go with the flow” as much as he does what he thinks is most healthy and right. This guy may be athletic, but more likely he’s into a vegan lifestyle and will want to take you to yoga class, to hip new healthy restaurants (he will not be buying you any fast food), his and hers massages and other body work, and will love to spend romantic nights at home cooking together. Make sure you have a nice pedicure if you’re dating this guy because he won’t want you to wear your shoes inside.
  • A man who wears beautiful leather tie-ups or loafers loves the way they fit him – and (or) wants to present a luxurious and wealthy image. He’s cutting edge hip. He’s on his way up the business ladder, and he wants a date to go up there with him. He will love to take you clubbing, dancing, to social events like fancy parties and nights out on the town. If you’re dating a guy like this, get ready for a whirlwind of crème de la crème events. You’ll want to have the right outfits (think class), high heels and make up for day and night ready for this courtship.
  • A man who wears funky, trendy shoes is all about fun and being in the moment. He may not be very responsible in the long run, but he’s fun for now. Of course, there’s always Courtney Cox’s kooky and lovable guy, David Arquette and the guy who made a success out of outrageous, Robin Williams who are both prince and king of funky shoes and clothes. If you’re dating a guy like this, be ready for bowling, sushi and karaoke – all in one night. He’ll take you to an amusement park for Thanksgiving or a midnight hike for New Year’s Eve. If you’re dating this guy be ready with a wardrobe of unique and individual looks – he’ll appreciate this in you.