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Gift Giving Advice - Tips for Finding an Original Gift for Teenage Boys and Young Men

Gift Giving Advice - Tips for Finding an Original Gift for Teenage Boys and Young Men

Gift Giving Advice - Tips for Finding an Original Gift for Teenage Boys and Young Men

Grooming Gifts for Men

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

My young brother's 23rd birthday is coming up next month, and I'm at a total loss for what to buy him. He's always been the most difficult person to buy gifts for. I feel like I've bought him every Playstation game under the sun and sometimes I even resort to gift cards, but I'd really like to get him something new and fun for this birthday.
He just got out of college and started his first full-time job. He's living on his own for the first time and I thought about buying him pots and pans but I'm kind of horrified at the idea of getting him something so boring and mundane. What can I buy for him that is useful but that he'll actually still like or have fun with? Any advice?

Big Sis 


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Big Sis,

It sounds like your brother is starting a new stage of his life, so there are lots of different things he might need. Men are often stereotyped as not caring much about their appearance, but if you take a look at the success that men's beauty and skincare products have experienced in the last few years, you can easily see that they're more interested in the way they look than they let us think!
It might be a good idea to think about some of those products for your brother.
Why Guys Are Into Their Appearance: Teenage boys — and often boys as young as seven years old (yup, seven) — begin to see themselves as young men, as opposed to boys. While they are still very much boys, they have come a long way from diapers, sippy cups and velcro sneakers. They are more like their dads, and they usually want to embrace this part of themselves.

Many teens will look beyond their fathers to other role models — on television, their teachers, sports coaches and older brothers or cousins or neighbors — for what it is to behave like a man. Like girls, young men do notice appearance — a lot!
They also begin to notice changes in their own bodies, and they want to honor their bodies. What better way to support your young man than to give him the tools to take good care of himself — not just by eating his vegetables, but by cleansing and preening. 
Since your brother is just beginning a new job, he may be bringing himself to new standards as hygiene -- rolling out of the bunk with bed head and sweats for class won't cut it anymore! Think about these ideas for his birthday and for gifts for any of the other young men or teenage boys in your life.

Manly Beauty Gift Ideas

  • Body soaps. Think soap on a rope. Sandalwood fragrances. Body wash. One of the biggest things teenage boys tease each other about is odors. And no matter how funny the joke, these teens are sensitive about smelling good and not being the butt of these jokes. Regardless of age, however, most men will appreciate this type of gift.
  • Deodorants. As much as you’ll hate to hear this, teens love deodorants like Axe, and other brands that sell sex appeal. 
  • Nail products. A nail brush and a pumice stone as well as a manicure/pedicure kit so are great rites of passage for any teen. Bad feet are a big turn off to women, and he cares about his feet or not, your brother probably does care about women!
  • Cologne. Give men cologne in small containers. It’s much better to give less more often. Cologne does go bad after a while, so small bottles run less risk of going rancid. Also, boys can throw these smaller bottles into locker room bags.
  • Hair care. Dandruff can be a problem, so give him some fancy dandruff shampoo as well as some conditioners and other hair care products. He’ll love gel, mousse, pomade — a little bit of everything is great fun and allows him to experiment.

If you’re not sure what he likes, take him on a shopping trip to buy his father or grandfather or uncle some of these products for the holidays and while you’re shopping, find out what he likes. If your brother's not the beauty product type, try these other gift ideas!