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Gift Giving Guide for Kids In Every Age Group

Gift Giving Guide for Kids In Every Age Group

Gift Giving Guide for Kids In Every Age Group

Gift Giving Ideas

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

I'm gift shopping for a family with kids of all ages. A brand new baby boy to a college bound teenage girl. Since I don't have kids of my own, I am so confused on what to buy each kid. What are good gifts for kids of each age group?
Giving Good Gifts


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Giving Good Gifts,

Buying gifts for kids can be challenging... Here's a guide, broken down buy age group, that should help.

Gift Giving Guide - Based Upon Age Group:
Babies - Choose simple toys without parts. Small parts are choking hazards. If the baby has allergies already, choose something that does not collect dust -- in other words, opt for plastic or wood toys instead of stuffed animals.

Toddlers - Choose push toys. These kids are just getting their sea legs and push toys, like the traditional "popper" that pops balls when you push it or a plastic kid's shopping cart or baby buggy are perfect.

Pre-schoolers through kindergartners - Puzzles, books that are simple to read (save Mark Twain for the older kids), funny and colorful, and learning games that these children can use on family computers are all great toys. As is a tricycle, sled, or a bike with training wheels.

Elementary school age children - musical instruments, fun computer games, a bike (and a helmet) a skate board (and a helmet), and roller skates or roller blades are all great gifts.

Tweens - Recognize your tween's stage in life by giving them grooming products. Even boys like this. Some sandalwood soaps and grooming products for boys and nail polish, bath gel and other grooming gifts for girls are just as good as clothes, video games, and electronics.

Teens - Don't forget the child inside that growing adult-like body. This is a great age for a pet (puppy is a winner, but fish, bird and reptile are all good). Clothes or gift cards to be used at the mall give your teen freedom to shop! Electronics are great at this age.