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Gift-Giving Tips for The Various People In Your Life

Gift-Giving Tips for The Various People In Your Life

Gift-Giving Tips for The Various People In Your Life

Advice on Giving Holiday Gifts to the People You Don't Know Very Well

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

I have an easy time buying presents for my friends and family, but what about the people I don't know very well? I love the doorman who works in my building, but have no idea what to give him. Can I just bake cookies? I'd like to give my mail carrier and my neighbors a gift too. Does this mean I should get something for my landlord as well? Any advice you have would be great!

Give Them Gifts


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Give Them Gifts, 

It can be difficult to buy gifts for those people in your life who you don't really know, but know you want to thank.
Gifts for the other people in your life: Doorman -- Cash is always great. A bottle of wine or a box of homemade goodies is always appreciated. Don't give your doorman clothes or perfume. It's too personal.

Landlord or property manager -- Unless you see this person on a regular basis, you don't need to gift a landlord or a property manager. In fact, I'd say skip 'em. Do they gift you?
Postal carrier/Fed Ex/Ups Carrier -- Cash is great, as is candy. If you don't know the postal carrier, you shouldn't give them homemade goodies or anything unwrapped. We live in times of anthrax and polonium 210 -- don't give them something that they may feel nervous eating. A box of wrapped chocolates is fine.
Neighbor -- Food is the perfect gift for your neighbors. If you're handy, whip up some fudge, cookies, or something unusual like homemade jam or salad dressing. If you're all burned thumbs in the kitchen then bring them a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates or candy canes.

Your roommate -- deserves something special. If you're in college, think about an iTunes gift certificate or a gift card. If you're out of college give them a beautiful sweater, some books, a basket of perfumes, lotions and powders, or something you know they want -- like a membership to a local art museum or tickets to a concert.
Your maintenance person -- Coffee, tea, cookies, and a great mug is great if cash isn't right for you.