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Great Gifts for Men - Romantic Ways to Celebrate and Sexy Gifts to Give

Great Gifts for Men - Romantic Ways to Celebrate and Sexy Gifts to Give

Great Gifts for Men - Romantic Ways to Celebrate and Sexy Gifts to Give

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

My boyfriend is the best, but I'm totally stumped on what to get him for Valentine's Day. A nice romantic dinner is great, but where's the surprise in that? Do you have any tips for how I can spice up the holiday?

Tame Tamale 


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Tame Tamale,

Be a hot tamale! Valentine's Day is a great time to show how much you care – and just how you care. Indeed, you do have to be careful that the gift you choose sends the message you want it to send — sexy and hot, warm and cozy, just platonic, or I'm in love. You don't want to select something that you think says, "I think you are hot", but gets translated into "You remind me of my mom. "Valentines Day is the only holiday when sex comes out of the back seat and sits featured, front and center. So show your sweetie how sexy he is – by showing how sexy you can be!

April's Top 10 Sexy Valentine's Day Gifts to Give Him:

  1. Yourself, obviously. Wrapped up in red velvet lingerie.
  2. Boudoir photos of yourself. Go to a professional and do it up right. Or if you're low on cash, have a girlfriend take the photos for you. With digital cameras (they're under $50 at Radio Shack and under $20 for disposable ones at drug stores) you can "develop them" on your computer for free and print them out on your own printer.
  3. If you've been dating long enough, send a thank-you note to his mother and father.
  4. Wash his car and "detail" it. Or if you're feeling flush, have a professional do it.
  5. Make him an incredible dinner at home with you for dessert.
  6. Give him a massage – but go all out with candlelight, a clean, fluffy robe just out of the dryer so it's nice and warm, massage oils and soothing music. Have a plate of fruit slices and some sake nearby to replenish his juices. (Wink, wink) If it's in your budget, hire a masseuse to come to your home and give you both massages for a double treat.
  7. Surprise him with a striptease. Make it authentic with music and costume – some trashy lingerie (Fredrick's or Victoria's will do too). And make sure you are looking your best!
  8. Make him a book of X-rated personalized coupons that include either:

    Nights In:

    6 BJs

    A 30-minute back massage and a 30-minute foot massage.

    A full body massage with bonus benefits.

    A night of role playing featuring master and servant, school teacher and student, or boss and secretary.

    No Tell Motel:

    A night in a luxury hotel with a big Jacuzzi and a fireplace, complete with strawberries and champagne.

    A lunch hour during the week in a luxury hotel with a quick room service lunch before he goes back to the office.

    Field Trip:

    A trip to the local adult toy store.

    A trip to the porn section of the video store, and his choice of rentals — you bring the popcorn.

    A shopping trip to Trashy Lingerie, Frederick's of Hollywood or Victoria's Secret. He picks the purchases. You try them all on first.


    Tell him to pack an overnight bag and "kidnap" him on a trip to …

    A casino hotel in Vegas or Atlantic City.

    An overnight Amtrak trip with a sleeper car.

    A river rafting trip where you sleep in tents river-side.
  9. Game night. Strip poker, naked Twister or Scrabble where during each round, whoever scores the lower number of points, removes one item of clothing. You both score either way!
  10. Pot luck dinner party! Invite six friends to bring a dish that is red! Some ideas are red wine, cosmos, tomato-y red topped bruschetta, rare roast beef or carpaccio, stuffed red peppers, etc. And of course, the dress code? Code red.

If none of these ideas strike you as perfect, check out my book Ideas for a Fun Date. It might not be your first date, but there are some fun alternatives that might get you and your honey going!!