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Green and Holistic Gift Ideas

Green and Holistic Gift Ideas

Green and Holistic Gift Ideas

How To Be A Green Gifter

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

I've been working on becoming less materialistic this past year and am trying to spend less money and help protect the environment. But Christmas is coming and I want to give my close family and friends gifts; and gifts that they will actually enjoy and appreciate! However, I want the gifts I buy to fit in with the theme of my life and be friendly toward the environment. Do you have any ideas for green gifts I can give at Christmas?
Green Gifter


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Green Gifter,

The problem with gift giving at holidays is that all the good gifts have been given! Sweaters, perfume, watches, books, jewelry, champagne -- it's all been done and done and done. That's why the good news for gift giving is holistic and green gifts give gift givers a new arena to explore, buy and give in. And if you believe in holistic health and green goodness, the gifts aren't just doing good for the recipient, they're doing good for the world. Now, that's what I call cause for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Some great holiday gifts that are holistic or green:

  • Big spenders. Spring for the hybrid. Instead of a mink or an armful of diamonds, give her or him a Prius or some other hybrid. They're fun, they're fast (if Gore Jr's. speeding ticket of over 100 mph is to be believed) and they're good for the environment. Plus, they're hip and they're a great gift.
  • Spas. Spas are old news, but the prevalence of them are big news. Hotels are now trying to make on site spas a required amenity, and this means that instead of your usual egg nog and naked body parts on the company computer, you can actually have a party for employees or groups within your company in the quiet room of a spa. Just like computers and cell phones are in everyone's homes, spas are about to go democratic, and spa services are going to be available to people who never grew up with them, never had them, and were always curious. Give a gift certificate, throw a party, or bring a massage therapist into your home for a night before Christmas gift for your spouse (and yourself). These gifts are luxurious, good for your health, and stress busters, which makes them good for the universe.
  • Alternative transportation methods. And by that, I mean bikes. You don't have to be Ed Begley, Jr. to get into the holistic and green aspects of bike riding instead of driving a car. Give your honey, your teenager, your friend or your family member a great bike for the holidays. There are bikes that come loaded with bells and whistles for your modern friends, and retro bikes with a basket and a bell on front for your traditionalists.
  • On a budget? Make some lavender oil. By drying lavender, rosemary or some other herb that grows in your neighborhood, and mixing it with some oil (from olive to almond to anything in between), you can bottle your good for you gift in something lovely and cheap and tie it with a ribbon. It's a nice alternative to homemade cookies, and it utilizes the health powers of various herbs and flowers.