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Honeymoon Ideas - 6 Tips to Hep Make Yours Unique

Honeymoon Ideas - 6 Tips to Hep Make Yours Unique

Honeymoon Ideas - 6 Tips to Hep Make Yours Unique

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

I just got engaged and I don’t want to have the usual honeymoon that all my friends and family seem to be having. I want something meaningful. Do you have any advice that will help me plan an amazing honeymoon? 

Honeymoon Help


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Honeymoon Help,

Most June brides get engaged in the winter, so you’re smart to start planning your honeymoon now. By the time spring is here, you’ll be in full bridal-mode with all the details that make planning a wedding time-consuming, and it’s great to know the honeymoon is out of the planning stages by then. The more you plan ahead, the more time you have to enjoy the process and make sure that the honeymoon and the wedding are not just beautiful events that you tick off your to-do list, but are meaningful to you and your husband to be.

Your honeymoon doesn't have to be the same old honeymoon that everyone else seems to be taking. It can be as unique as you both are, and you don’t have to go with convention when planning your honeymoon -- in fact, you shouldn’t! Do what will be relaxing, celebratory and memorable for you both. Remember that while great sex is a traditional hallmark of a honeymoon, the more personalized the honeymoon, the more personalized the sex! And there is no better sex than personalized sex -- or sex that is the exact opposite of garden variety! So really think about what will work for you both in terms of your honeymoon. Have a conversation so that you're both in sync before you start booking flights. If one or both of you will be exhausted by the time the wedding is over because of a work schedule or family obligations, you may want to make sure you have a relaxing honeymoon. If you're both pretty high energy, you may want to pepper your romance time with some adventures.

Here are some ideas that will help you decide what works best for you:

  1. Opt Out Of The Beach Honeymoon.

    Consider an option outside the usual beach vacation. Go on a tour of ancient ruins or take a wine tasting journey through the Loire Valley in France. Combine a unique and beautiful place with some kind of activity. If you’re academics, consider an educational trip, often lavishly sponsored by Universities, open to the public. If you like architecture or cuisine, tailor your honeymoon to one of these activities. You can still have romance and steamy sex AND indulge your passions in other areas at the same time.
  2. Opt In For Beach -- But Make It a Diffferent Kind of Beach.

    If you love the ocean or the water, but don’t want to be like every other bikini-clad couple on a tropical beach honeymoon, choose a different kind of beach vacation. Look into the super exotic Seychelles Islands, the magical Aran Islands in Ireland or the charming and rustic San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington state. If you’re marrying in the fall or winter, choose to have a cozy ocean honeymoon off-season. There is nothing more romantic than walking the cold beach, bundled up, and coming home to a roaring fire and champagne or hot toddies.
  3. Move To Make A Movie.

    Make a movie -- I'm not talking a Paris Hilton sex tape -- I'm talking about getting a couple of digital cameras -- and shoot lots of pictures. If you’re shy, shoot the scenery. If you’re an exhibitionist, shoot each other. When you get home, you can make a great show on your own computer, or hire someone to put it together for you -- like your wedding photographer. Everyone always has elaborate wedding photos. Make your honeymoon photos just as special. And if you know that this is what you want to do ahead of time, tell your maid of honor that you want a great digital movie camera for your shower gift and she can arrange for a group gift, instead of lots of smaller gifts. See how important planning ahead is?
  4. Collect.

    If one or both of you has a collection, then you're already in collector's mode, but if you don't -- or even if you do -- start a collection or enhance the one you have! What better time to start than on a honeymoon. Some suggestions are: funny postcards, beautiful shells, kitschy snow globes, art of the region you're visiting, pottery, antiques, vintage fashion, etc. That you started your collection together on your honeymoon will make a great, sentimental theme for your 20th anniversary party when you display your entire collection, or make it the theme of the gala. Take a New England tag sale and antique shop tour or go as far away as the famous Paris flea markets and incredibly wonderful shopping for old things – furniture, pottery, dishes, or jewelry -- in Europe.
  5. To Your Health!

    Instead of the usual sex and sand honeymoon, take a week at an exclusive spa for two. America has some incredible spa destination resorts that would love to offer you a honeymoon package, as well as hot spring locations and mud bath treatments in addition to lots of more intriguing, new treatments and if that's not exotic enough, head for a European spa at Evian, France or Baden-Baden. It’s not often that you spend the time to really take care of yourself – body, mind, and soul. And if you use your honeymoon to do that, you’ll have a terrific sense of well being, for sure great sex, and best of all, every year on your anniversary, you can take a weekend at a different spa to celebrate!
  6. Be a Sport.

    If one or both of you love sports, take a fantasy sports vacation and do everything you always wanted to do with "your team," like attend their summer practices, all their games, get exclusive seats that you'd usually not spring for, etc. Or center your honeymoon around a week-long tennis and yoga clinic. If you are cyclists, sign up for a beautiful cycling vacation or if you’re going to have a winter wedding – a ski and skate vacation somewhere icy and cold can be ultra romantic. And again, if you plan well enough in advance, your maid of honor can tailor your wedding shower to this theme, and you can be showered with sport-mode gifts that you can take on your honeymoon and use at home, too.

While you're waiting in anticipation for your honeymoon, try out some of the romantic date ideas you can find in my book Romantic Date Ideas.