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How To Feel Sexy

How To Feel Sexy

How To Feel Sexy

Tips on Getting the Bedroom Body Image You Need for a Hotter Sex Life

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

My husband and I have a very good relationship, but our sex life isn't as good as it once was. I put on a lot of weight and it's making me really self-conscious when it comes time to take off my clothes. I just can't help thinking that my husband probably wants to be in bed with a hot young blond...and I am certainly not one! Do you have any relationship advice or tips for how we can make our sex life hotter?

Not Feeling Sexy


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Not Feeling Sexy,

There are several ingredients to good sex. One of them is creativity and freedom, combined. The other is confidence. You can't be creative or free or even confident if you don't feel comfortable with your own body -- let alone proud of it. Being free means doing sexual things in your relationship without wondering what you look like while you're doing it -- in the neurotic sense. If you're trying something sexual, and all you can think about is if the angle he's seeing you is flattering, you're not free, you're not being creative and you're certainly not confident. This won't be good for your sex life or your relationship.

Women with imperfect bodies who feel like they're perfect will be more creative, free, and confident in bed -- or wherever the sex is happening! This freedom and creativity and confidence allows them to be even more sexual, and trust me -- men will love this and it will strengthen your relationships. 

What men want:

Men may want to take super models to bed, but trust me -- the women they want a sexual relationship with is someone who is free, confident, and creative in bed -- regardless of their appearance. 

All that said, being in shape IS a key step to confidence and to feeling good as well as stamina, endurance, and agility -- all those good things that make sex better than average. So this isn't permission to eat Krispy Kremes and lay on the couch all day, but it is permission to be your best self -- in bed and out. 

For more relationship advice on how you can look and feel great inside and outside the bedroom, check out my book Think & Date Like A Man.